Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

24.06.2013 - 29.06.2013


programme curator
Joanna Leśnierowska


...launched in 2004, making Studio Słodownia +3 in the Old Brewery the first and still the only stage in Poland which consistently focuses on presenting contemporary seeking choreography. The dream to build a space for artistic creation and reflection (which is rendered by the motto “Art doesn’t need support, Artists DO”) was decisive in placing particular emphasis on organizing research and production opportunities for young dance artists. In the course of nine years we managed to build and develop the system of support to the most promising choreographers, not only from Poland. Avant-garde choreography – drawing on the experiences of visual arts, experimental music, media or pop culture, juggling genres with bravado, moving easily between the territories of contemporary art and including them in the scope of its search, uncompromising in making us face the surrounding world and in creating one’s own autonomous reality – has found in the Old Brewery its home and will be the central theme of the next part of the Old Brewery New Dance at Malta programme.

This year’s edition of the festival will feature shows by choreographers who touch upon different areas of contemporary art. Their projects escape straightforward classifications, force the audience to leave the beaten track and, thus, invite them to take part in the fascinating journey around the world in which choreography does not only mean, following its etymology, “dance writing” but also, or maybe predominantly, “writing with dance” of bodies, objects, images, ideas, associations, memories...

In the Old Brewery performing arts constantly meet with visual arts. It cannot be any different during this year’s edition of Malta! Even more so that all artists performing during this year’s edition of the Old Brewery New Dance at Malta are connected with the Art Stations Foundation by international co-productions and residency programmes.


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