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Stary Browar Pasaż

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Daniel Landau Reside 2.1: Man In Mall OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE AT MALTA FESTIVAL 2013

Daniel Landau

Sharon Zuckerman Weizer

creating performers 
Yuval Fingerman, Janusz Orlik, Barbara Bujakowska

sound design 
Daniel Meir

Thur 27.06, 21:00, Stary Browar Arcade
Fri 28.06, 18:00, Stary Browar Arcade
Sat 29.06, 16:00, Stary Browar Arcade

“Man in Mall” is a new collaboration between media artist Daniel Landau and choreographer Anat Danieli and is part of their on going “reside-project” research performance platform. The point of departure for their research is to examine the relationship between people and place tracing large social-political processes and their effect on the privet and personal reality. Through processing and abstracting social mechanisms into the building blocks of movement & voice they explore key notions of body, time, and identity.

In “Man in Mall”, reside-project is entering the generic consumer dream world – Stary Browar in Poznan. The Shopping Mall offers a theatrical stage providing a temporary relief to life’s mundane reality inducing people to execute their economic duty and shop. How does individuality find its voice in this jewel construct of capitalism? The 6h a day, three days long performance will blend into the shopping mall fabric and will explore the mall’s transient nature in contrast to its new performing residents.

“Man in Mall” uses a unique process in which filmed faces are projected on large masks and operated by live performers - creating a ‘digital physical consciousness’ – a place where reality and fiction merge, amplifying the sensibility & fragility of the characters presented.

“… The choreography of “Man in Mall” is one of action, positioning and connection: The movement of the body as an extension of the mask and talking head, whereas at times the body physically detaches from the mask and offers a challenging, compensating, or consoling choreographic reality, a place where imaginary reality can exist…”

Daniel Landau is a multidisciplinary artist, engaging in performance, video and installation work. He completed his second degree in new-media and music-composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Netherlands where he lived and worked for more than a decade. Daniel’s work typically uses multi-layered processes of research, documentation and mediamatic exploration – investigating the interchangeable qualities between documentary and abstraction. His interest in narrative-mechanisms is essential to his examination of time, identity and social-political realities. His work has been presented in major venues, museums and festivals worldwide among others: Jerusalem, New-York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Mexico City. Daniel teaches Art and Technology at the Midrasha School of Art. He is also the co-founder of “Information & Mind” a research program examining the social and psycho-cognitive effects of hyper-connectivity and information overload.