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Studio Słodownia +3
Cie. Juha Marsalo Shocking - Solo po nic performance

choreography, performance 
Juha Marsalo (with help of Simon Bellourd)

Fabien Boudot

Frédéric Moreau

Olivier Mulin

Fabien Boudot

Cie Juha Marsalo, Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson

width thanks to 
Arts graphiques du Centre, Didier Guibert – Elise Serverin i Won Myeong Won

This solo's starting point is the observation that our world, despite its gentle, peaceful appearance, is in a state of violence. The actions of compelling and forcing are intrinsic to war, which is itself an inseparable part of mankind. Dreaming in an idealistic and utopian way is the antidote to destruction: to dream is to build.

"We've ‘burned' too much in this world. Too much smoke in our eyes. Too many lies. Too much selfishness and voluntary abuse. Suddenly, it's difficult and painful to breathe. You have to dream that the nauseating air is amazingly pure.

To make people realise the obvious fact that mankind's world is responsible for itself.

This solo is placed somewhere between reality and the imagination with poetry as a means of presentation. It doesn't hold any symbols, but is full of signs. "This solo asks me. It calls me and leaves me no chance to lie. I have all my time, I have space and no excuse." The dancing is slow. It needs time. In fact, it creates time because movement creates time.

A person is introduced into this empty space. They vibrate and stir us in time with their vibrations.
Juha Marsalo