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Studio Slodownia +3

Ticket price 10 zł per each adult available at Information Points in Old Brewery and


18th of October 2014
hours: 10.00 and 13.00

Workshop for parents with babies in scarfs, pregnant woman and expecting couples.
Please remeber about bringing comfortable outfit and relaxation blankets.
Workshop will be preceded with scarf looping lesson

Matecznik - partner of the workshops

Rhythm and movement have existed from the dawn of history. They accompany humans throughout their whole lives. Already in the womb, the foetus dances to the rhythm of its mother’s hart. All primeval or “primitive” communities displayed the need to express their emotions and communicate with their ancestors and spirits through music and dance. In Africa, music and dance accompany people on important occasions and in everyday life. African women do not part with their babies at all – carrying them around in scarves, they conduct all their daily activities and take part in a whole variety of ceremonies and rituals, during which they sing and dance. Children thus nursed grow, develop and become self-reliant more quickly. They learn about life and, by listening to the sound of drums, they develop an aptitude for music and dancing.


A parent dancing rhythmically with a baby in a nursing scarf strengthens the bonds between them, gives the child a greater sense of security, enhances its development and helps it relax. This activity is great fun and helps mothers regain their form after pregnancy and giving birth. It integrates and teaches the participants to work in a group.
African dancing boosts motor coordination, develops body awareness, releases creativity and helps express emotions. It also fulfils the natural need of “contact with earth” and, consequently, reinforces and affects one’s self esteem and self-confidence.
The classes are intended not only for those parents who already carry their babies in nursing scarves, but also for those who would like to learn the art of tying the scarves (a professional nursing scarf consultant will be present). They are also open to expecting mothers, expecting fathers and their partners.

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Matecznik - partner of the workshops
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