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Maria Mavridou, Jurij Konjar, Peter Pleyer, Daniel Almgren Recén, Marysia Stokłosa, Iza Szostak

Jan Cybis

The rule is always the same: we send dancers and musicians for a blind date. But as with every blind date you never know what to expect. Will they like each other? Will they find each other attractive? Will there be any chemistry between them? Will they manage to get things going? And what if the dialogue won't work? Despite all these questions many artists took up already the challenge and let us be a matchmaker – up to now with a great success! One of our first “blind-daters”, great Michael Schumacher, said about this experience:
“Improvising with movement, sound, text, and light in a performance is very much like navigating through one's daily routine... Leaving the house, traveling through the city, meeting a friend, looking for food, eating a meal together, and then find my way back home again... Working with artists of different disciplines is both challenging and liberating. Exploring what I do not know is the way in which I acknowledge the information that I have already gathered. When I am creatively engaged in the moment, it is like surfing the wave between my experience and my ambition. It's always a wild ride!”

Within the Old Brewery New Dance project a “wild ride” hopefully will provide Danish trio Alpha and an international group of excellent movement improvisers. What comes out of it must be a unique mix of instant creative forces of contemporary dance artists and musicians whose notes spread from renaissance and Baroque through world folk music up to minimalist techno. Enjoy the moment!

Alpha (Denmark)
consists of three classical musicians, who have all made their mark on European music life – Bolette Roed on recorder, Peter Navarro-Alonso, classical saxophone and David Hildebrandt, classical percussion. Alpha’s musical concept is unique: a classical ensemble commissioning pieces, improvising, playing folk music from all over the world, diving into electro acoustic music, electronica and medieval music as well as composing themselves. A stylistic span from the 14th century to newly written works, from Orthodox Georgian chorals to minimalistic techno. In February 2006 Alpha won 2nd prize in the Danish National Radio’s Chamber Music Competition, and received the jury’s special prize for best contemporary piece. Shortly hereafter Alpha released their Grammy nominated CD from Dacapo Records. In 2008 Alpha were finalists in the Concert Artist Guild Competition, New York and in 2009 finalists in Terem Crossover competition, Skt. Petersburg. Alpha was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2009. In 2010 “Alpha World” was released, and the CD was Grammy nominated and the Danish Radio listed it among the 5 best releases of 2010.

Maria Mavridou (Greece)
is a freelance performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. She has graduated from the State School of Dance (GR) and the School for New Dance Development (NL) and studied in Movement Research (NYC). She is part of the performance/training platform Body Weather Amsterdam. She is working internationally within artistic collectives such as White Horse, and as performer in productions such as “Let's Dance Chopin” by Marysia Stokłosa (Shanghai EXPO), “Magic Flute”, (Salzburger Festspiele). She is also developing and presenting solo work and continuously collaborating with independent artists from different disciplines in improvised performances and small scale projects.

Jurij Konjar (Slovenia)
after a training in Judo, he began dancing in Ballroom in Slovenia and Europe, and then continued with education in modern dance. After studying in various dance centers in New York, he studied musical at The Urdang Academy in London’s Covent Garden and then – contemporary dance at PARTS in Brussels. He was twice a holder of the DanceWeb scholarship of the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. Jurij worked with many choreographers such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Les Ballets C de la B; Roberto Olivan; Maja Delak; Janez Janša and Exodos/ Slovenia and lately with Boris Charmatz; he is presently practicing “Tuning scores” with Lisa Nelson. He created several own works, the most recent – “Goldberg Variations” – we will see on Sunday 27.11 as part of the final evening of Old Music New Dance project.

Peter Pleyer (Germany)
studied dance at the European Dance Development Centre at the Academy of Art in Arnhem, NL. He worked as dancer and choreographic assistant with Yoshiko Chuma, New York and Mark Tompkins, Paris. Long time collaborator with Eszter Gal, Budapest. He took part in Impro Festival, New York and the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of contact improvisation in Paris. In 2000 Peter moved to Berlin, focusing his work on new methods in dance training and composition – where improvisation plays an essential role. He also co-created educational programs in Berlin and was a part of fictional personality of Veronika Blumstein. Peter makes choreographies for his own performances (winner of the Competition for Choreographers in Groningen). Since 2007 he is a director of Tanztage Berlin – a festival for young choreographers. In Poznań we could see him in his own solo “Choreographing books” (May 2009), he was also an artistic coach of young Polish choreographers-residents of Solo Project 2010.

Daniel Almgren Recén (Sweden)
With a background in sport he moved on to study classical theatre both in practice and theory and worked for a couple of years as a physical actor before starting to appear in dance contexts. He is a graduate from School for New Dance Development, now working as choreographer, dancer and performer with Ivana Müller, Keren Cytter and Ibrahim Quarishi among others. He is co-founder of Gross und Stark – venue for performance ( Daniel creates performances on the edge of dance, performance and visual art. He is interested in the individual’s potential of transformation through conscious decisions in relation and dialog with the surrounding. There is a balance between reflection and physicality in his works that generate new ways of looking at the body and reflecting on the body in space. And in the consequent conceptualization of the subject he allows the poetry of the body to emerge.

Marysia Stokłosa (Poland)
studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (2003-2007) and contemporary dance at the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place in London (1997-2000). She worked as a dancer for Jeremy Wade (touring his “Glory” and “And pulled out their hair…” worldwide between 2006 and 2008) as well as with Sara Shelton Mann, Min Tanaka and Dick Wong. Her original work includes dance pieces such as “Let’s Dance Chopin” (with composer Janusz Stokłosa, opening at EXPO Shanghai 2010), “The Right Hemisphere”, “Vacuum”, as well as mixed-media projects like “X Apartments” (Nowy Teatr, Warsaw 2010). Together with her family she runs a foundation and residency house Burdąg named after the village where it is located, in Masuria region ( Her most recent project is New Dance Overview – series of presentations of new dance in Warsaw.

Iza Szostak (Poland)
graduated Warsaw Ballet School (2003) and Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy (2008).
She was supported by scholarships of Polish Ministry of Culture and Dutch Corrie Hartong Fonds. She was an apprentice of Jan Fabre / Troubleyn and of Piet Rogie, she collaborated also with Michael Schumacher, Amy Raymond, Krisztina de Chatel and Felix Ruckert. Since 2008 she is co-working with Anna Holter + Company (Munich). In 2010 Iza took part in “Let’s Dance Chopin” by Marysia Stokłosa and created own solo works (“Karmi-go”, “Sprzężenie zwrotne”, “Grandpa-go”). In 2011 she became resident of Art Stations Foundation (Solo Project), she co-created also shows by Kozak / Rowiński (“Folk? a ja się nie zgadzam”, Body/Mind festival, Warsaw) and by Wojtek Ziemiński (“Prolog” for Cracow Reminiscencje Festival).