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31.12.2020 - 31.03.2021

Movement dialogues 

SBNT dla Dzieci

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In 2020, the programme Dancing Families (Old Brewery New Dance for Children) celebrated its 10th anniversary. During the past decade, Dancing Families contributed to building a local audience of dance projects for children in Poznań. The programme also featured the production of six performances, numerous workshops for families, coaching projects for dance professionals and, most importantly, endless hours of dancing with hundreds of families.

We wish to thank all the families for cocreating the dance projects. It is a great honour to have worked with you. We are also moved by the fact that you keep attending our events as your children grow older or with new members of your families. We would also like to thank all the artists for their involvement in and professional approach to our projects in the field of dance and choreography for children and families. Moreover, we are grateful to our partners, the City of Poznań and Stary Browar, for their support.

We wish us all another decade (at least) of working together and would like to invite you to read our anniversary publication, Movement Dialogues, online.

The publication features:

An introduction by Hanna Bylka-Kanecka

RELATION / AGENCY / CHANGE: On the Dancing Families (Old Brewery New Dance for Children) project

Justyna Czarnota, Sandra Lewandowska, Alicja Morawska-Rubczak


Dalija Aćin Thelander

It’s absolutely political from the beginning. On dance performances for babies

Interview with Dalija Aćin Thelander by Hanna Bylka-Kanecka

Dance just is

Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńskia, Hanna Bylka-Kanecka, Dana Chmielewska, Monika Kiwak and Anna Wańtuch

We hope you enjoy the read and look forward to seeing you soon at our upcoming dance events!