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Pokaz MOTHERS OF STEEL jest częścią procesu,
który będzie miał swoją premierę 8 października w Studio Słodwonia + 3, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

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Mothers of steel is a research project/laboratory started by Agata Siniarska (representing Poland) and Madalina Dan (representing Romania) at Pact Zollverein as part of Identity Move program (a transnational platform for theoretical and artistic research in the field of contemporary dance and related performing arts focusing on the 'Eastern Belt' of Europe).
"Is the East still running after the West? And what does the East mean, after all? Let us put the concepts and names in motion, observe their travel and make this crisis move." are some curatorial questions and topics addressed."

IDENTITY.MOVE! is coordinated by Goethe-Institut Warsaw in cooperation with Centre for Culture Lublin, Obcanske sdruzeni Motus in Prague and the State School of Dance in Athens with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Our process focuses on national and gender identity, on affects (with an emphasis on crying, as physical, emotional and political actions). We started the work from our mothers and their bio political contexts, evolving towards an understanding of micro realities in relation with macro structures, how systems of government and state policy shape individual lives.

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