Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Doris Stelzer gender jungle – wo/man performance

concept, choreography 
Doris Stelzer (A) 

performance, choreography 
Lieve De Pourcq (BE/A), Gabriel Schenker (BR/BE), Ond!ej Vidlá! (CZ/BE) 

soundconcept, liveelectronics 
Mariella Greil (A/UK), Werner Möbius (A/UK) 

Tom Barcal (A) 

theoretical input 
Astrid Peterle 

production management 
Stefanie Fischer, Nora Doroga 


thanks to 
ImPulsTanz, ttp WUK, WorkSpace Brussels 

Cultural Section of the City of Vienna and the Art Section of the Federal Chancellery of Austria 


Jardin d’Europe Coproduction with support of the European Commission - Education and Culture DG

Tanzquartier Wien / January 2010

50 min

When does our view identify a movement, an attitude or a body as typically male or female? - this question is asked by Doris Stelzer in her new performance gender jungle – wo/man, in which the staging and reality (?) of feminity is juxtaposed with masculinity. In the gender-stereotype-cocktail the female cliché meets the male body and vice versa. After shaking, stirring and mixing to deconstruct stereotypical behaviour gender jungle – wo/man attempts to answer the question: what is common, what is inbetween - or - what is left apart from the normative binary conception of gender? Is there such a thing as an „unoccupied“ body?

Doris Stelzer’s work (choreographer and biotechnologist) focuses on the representation of bodies and their appearance in different media. Stereotypes and attributed roles are analyzed, questioned and transformed into movement-statements. gender jungle – wo/man is based on the research restudied bodies – wo/man during a summer residency at the ImPulsTanz – Festival in 2009.