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Petra Sabish Extended Choreography: Contemporary Practices Solo Projekt Camp

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The recent years have seen a fulminant and diversifying upswing of dance and choreograpic practices throughout Europe. Reaching today from body practices to work with objects, discursive practices and choreographies of materials, or else to immaterial forms of labour and organizational issues of artistic working structures, there is no doubt: dance and choreography have extended their domains, artistic procedures and the objectives of their work.

Despite the promising potential and the growth of this copiousness of working methods and international formats of exchange, the cultural investments in the existential structures of the contemporary freelancer scene seem to be continuously decreasing or even entirely cut. Consequently many artists today experience a profound lack of support in regards to experimental, non-institutional and critical art production, whilst at the same time witnessing a scary invigoration of neoclassical representations of art and spectacular event-industries.

The Forum Extended Choreography is a commitment to share work and collective practices, by discussing the current situation and the perspectives of the participating artists and practitioners. It aims at articulating actual concerns, reflecting our practices and connecting them to contemporary critical discourses and also, at exploring ways to practice collaborative structures.


Petra Sabisch is choreographer & philosopher.

Sabisch works, teaches and lectures in the field of choreography and practical philosophy/ aesthetic theory in key art institutions and universities in Europe.
Her choreographic work encompasses, e.g. the object-based concrete choreography “relations“, 2013, the experimental series “method, unplugged”, since 2010 and the “Conversation Piece”, 2008. Next to numerous artistic collaborations in Paris and Berlin, Sabisch is involved in the development of practices and discourses within the field of choreography and the performing arts, e.g. with the open group and internet-plattform Everybodys and the Performing Arts Forum in France (both since 2005).
In 2010 she received the Doctor of Philosophy with her dissertation “Choreographing Relations. Practical Philosophy and Contemporary Choreography in the works of Baehr, Deleuze, Dominguez, Guattari, Le Roy and Salamon”, for which she received the Award of Dance Studies in NRW, Germany. During 2012 Sabisch held a visiting professorship for the direction of the MA programme in „Choreography and Performance“ at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany. Upon invitation by the International Dance Programme of the Swedish Arts Council, she intitiated the “Practice Symposium” in Stockholm. 2012 she received the Award for Practice by the Islandish Dance Festival A Series of Events in Reykjavik. 2013-2014 followed the research-project “A Topology of Practices” about the situation of contemporary dance and choreography in Europe, including case studies, forthcoming 2015). 

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