Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Schedule of Alternative Dance Academy 2015

Rebecca Lazier / USA
Movement practice - toward change

Etienne Guilloteau / BE

Peter Pleyer / GER
Visible Undercurrent

Dalija Aćin Thelander / SER
Taniec dla dzieci w wieku 0-6 lat

Eva Karczag / HUN
Qualities of Presence

Alternative Dance Academy is the first in Poland educational, choreographic and dance project which, for lack of regular Polish education in the area of choreography, fills an important gap affecting the sluggish development of the art of contemporary dance in Poland. It is the only opportunity for young Polish professionals and seasoned dancers to perfect their skills as choreographers and to develop their own creativity in laboratory conditions. The project’s priority is to facilitate dance education led by the most eminent choreographers and educators and to support an educational model that best reflects the essence (and thus and needs) of contemporary dance, promoting not only technical skills but also (if not first of all) the personality and creativity of the students. These features should be stimulated and fostered since the very beginning of dance education in tandem with the perfection of body work.
The program is composed of a year-long set of classes within a session system (in 2014 5 sessions over a year, 30 hours each) conducted by a group of international choreographers and educators. Each edition of the program is concluded with a follow-up show that assumes diverse, often innovative forms (from performance / lectures through presentations of the elements of the creative process that is the subject of the workshop, to installations and happenings created during the workshop).