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17.02.2006 - 12.03.2006
Art Stations gallery

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The Little Artists - Art Crazy Nation EXHIBITION

17.02.2006 - 12.03.2006
Art Stations gallery

The Little Artists team has been set up by John Cake and Darren Neave, artists employing Lego blocks structures in their works.

The „ART CRAZY NATION” is an image of a contemporary art gallery, which consists of paraphrased works of such artists as Damien Hirst with his shark trapped in an aquarium, Tracey Emin with her infamous Bed; as well as the works of the most well known contemporary polish artists, e.g. Mirosław Bałka, Piotr Uklański or Paweł Althamer. Their realizations pose questions about what it means to be an artist in modern culture.

Cake & Neave pride themselves on the fact that their hybrids succeed in gaining a proper status and adaptability so as to portrary works of art thanks to the possibilities that using Lego blocks offers. The artists understand the potential of this medium and they realize where the border of a certain "Lego culture" lies in the context of education and creativity. The results are comic and very
convincing, they can puzzle not only children, but also grown-ups, getting away with the initial feeling of the work's childishness.

Recently the Little Artists have presented their works in The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and London, at an exhibition entitled "Contemporary Artists Play Pictionary". It included the drawings of Tracy Emin, Darren Almand, Gaving Turk or Marc Quinn. Cake & Neave worked also on post_modellismus project, Krinzinger Projekte in Vienna and in Kunsthall in Bergen.

The "Art Crazy Nation" exhibition at Old Brewery Gallery was the first individual exhibition of The Little Artists' works in Europe and so far the biggest presentation of their works.