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08.06.2006 - 09.07.2006

Kamil Kuskowski EXHIBITION

09.06.2006 - 09.09.2006
Art Stations gallery

08.06.2006 07:00 pm

Winner of the Artoen Prize in 2005, was a cross-section of his works to date. The output of this Łódź-based artist, as befits the heir of the „rationalizing” avant-garde, neatly divided into consecutive series devoted to specific artistic themes. The division into themes also set the place of the exhibition.

In his works Kuskowski emphasizes the conscious and consistent search for a new painting formula, referring to avant-garde tradition of abstract painting (especially strong in the context of ode) on the one hand, and on the other, to contemporary pop culture. This problem was touched upon in series such as: "Deconstructions" and "Club colors". The series "ode maidens", "Monochromes" and "Painting motifs" expand this theme by adding an additional dimension of play with the motif of artistic institutions, such as the museum, and related exhibition mechanisms. On the other hand, the "Charity artist" series relates to the current issue of the role of the artist and his or her social status. The most recent group of paintings, called "Tits" and the accompanying film, "The Exorcist", is a comment, expressed in the language of constructivist avant-garde, regarding the issues of the so called "body art". All these series are pervaded by the spirit of intelligence and ironic distance, also towards the very convention applied, which is an explicit and immaterial signature of Kamil Kuskowski.