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27.03.2010 - 28.03.2010
Studio Słodownia +3
Polo Vaudeville Workshop: When modern use ballet

Klasyka dla tancerzy współczesnych

Sobota 27.03 - Niedziela 28.03 11:00-13:00, 14:00-16:00

French dancer, Polo Vaudeville began his education in a school of circus arts but then he fell in love with dance, especially contemporary ballet, which he studied in the studio of legendary choreographer and dancer Maurice Béjart; he did solo performances in Lausanne and worked in collaboration many excellent international groups, e.g. at Ballet de Madrid or the London Royal Opera House; recently our audience could see him in the spectacle "Alexanderplatz" by Polski Teatr Tańca. His weekend workshop will sure draw dancers in to the beauty of contemporary ballet...