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24.10.2009 - 30.10.2009
Studio Słodownia +3
Ria Higler Workshop / Coaching / Showing

Coaching for professionals


Open showing

Friday 30.10 / 19:00 / Studio Słodownia +3 / free admission

Drop your mind in your body and re-invent your dance

Weekend (Workshop)
In our movement we all create patterns and habits. This is normal. But in order to develop our creativity, it may be good to pay attention to these patters and find ways to redirect and surprise ourselves and make new discoveries.

We will start with a relaxed way of deeper listening to our body. One of my lines is: can I receive my body, and can my body receive me. We will than engage more and more in movement, with the whole group, individually, but also in interaction with the space and each-other.

There will be time to observe each-other in smaller groups, paying attention in how we observe and how to give and receive feedback.

Week (Coaching)
Aprerequisitefor this workshop is an open mind and the will to experiment. I will address the balance between being a dancer/maker and a human being. For this work we need to be relaxed, playful andintimateenough to let things happen. I am coming with a range of experience and sources to work from and will apply that in the most appropriate way I can, in order to facilitate a space for you to create. The aim of this week is not to make a fixed product. It is more to get to know more about yourself as a creator and to find tools which are useful for the development of your work.

We will alternate between doing movement practice with the whole group, and your research/creating in small groups and/or individually.

In the process you will show your work, give and receive feedback, rework your work, etcetera.

In this week I like to suggest not to work with music, so we can just listen what the presence and the resonance of the work and of the body is.

I would appreciate if you send me a few lines of what your work is about, what interests you most and what challenges you most..., to this address:

“In my teaching I am focussing on a movement practice which supports the ability to engage more fully in the physicality, the senses, feelings and mind. To become more fine tuned in the observation of, and engagement in our inner space, in relation with the space and time we move in. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate inventiveness and confidence in performing and creating. Depending on the time and level of the course, this work can move into movement practice, performance practice, creative process and choreography.”

Ria Higler is an Amsterdam based teacher, choreographer and performer. Since decennia she is connected to the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) as staff-teacher and from 1989 - 1998 as artistic Co-director. The SNDO is known for training students with a strong motivation to be choreographic artists who contribute to innovation in dance.

Ria Higler’s dance training started in the studio of Pauline de Groot, and in 1978 she graduated from the Modern Dance Department of the Theatre-school in Amsterdam. In the late 70’s she started a dance group and made several productions. After that she decided to take time to deepen her study, develop as a solo performer and collaborate with other artists.

Ria Higler’s interest lays in the research of body and movement in space, including mind and emotion, in relation to the creative process. She studied alignment/release with Nancy Topf , John Rolland, Marsha Paludan, all early students of Barbara Clark, a pioneer with incredible dedication to the art and science of human movement. She met Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and studied BMC with her and her students. Ria developed the use of voice in her work and studied voice and singing, a.o gypsy singing with Ida Kelarova. Between 1994 - 2000 Ria travelled to Indonesia frequently to study with Suprapto Suryodarmo, and to perform and organise projects. Suprapto teaches a free movement practice, related to nature, ritual and spirituality. Between 2001 and 2004 Ria travelled with Suprapto to USA, Mexico an India (“where we practised on huge stones in an impressive rock landscape and we lived in caves for 6 weeks...”) to study, teach and perform and to collaborate with local artists including Anna Halprin, Simone Forti in USA and Chapo, a Mexican native Indian.

Ria Higler's latest performance "Le Corps Bourgeois" was performed in 2008 in Amsterdam, Cologne, Chomutove-Tsjech Republic and Estella-Spain.

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