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Studio Słodownia +3
Ivana Müller while we were holding it together performance

concept and direction 
Ivana Müller

Katja Dreyer, Pere Faura, Stefan Rokebrand, Hester van Hasselt, Bill Aitchison

Ivana Müller, Bill Aitchison, Katya Dreyer, Pere Faura, Karen Røise Kielland, Stefan Rokebrand, Jefta Dinther

artistic consultation, text 
Bill Aitchison

Steve Heather

Martin Kaffarnik


The While we were holding it together spectacle depicts a series of images in the moment of creation. Is it a rock band on tour? A picnic in the forest? A hotel room in Bangkok? We are observing, imagining and re-discovering consecutive images in a pursuit after what is apparently hidden from our eyes, or after what we really want to see.

The spectacle re-negotiates the relationship between what is physical (tangible) and what is sensational, between what is personal and what is collective, between the position of the spectator and the performer. Constantly provoking shifts in the perception and meanings, portraying the conflict between the body and its representation on stage, Ivana Müller creates a spectacle, which is disturbing, moving and authentically funny at the same time. While we were holding it together is a brilliantly constructed tribute. A tribute paid to the power of imagination.

Ivana Müller (1972) studied literature in Zagreb, dance and choreography in Amsterdam and fine arts in Berlin. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam and Paris. She is also a performer, choreographer and a theatrical director. In her work, Ivana develops defined concepts, which - as a starting point - exploit shifts in logic, or perception. Owing to this, she is capable of creating productions, which are poetic and scientific, philosophical and humoristic, intimate and political at the same time. Most of her works are created for theatres. Ivana also creates installations for galleries, museums, as well as publishes texts. Amongst others, she is the author of: Lovely Performances (2002), How Heavy Are My Thoughts(2003), Under My Skin (2005).