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Joanna Lesnierwoska What did happen is not going to unhappen again


Since Spring 2020 Joanna Leśnierowska (together with Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Katarzyna Sitarz and Janusz Orlik) has been working on a new project, whose premiere, this time scheduled for January 2021, cannot (for obvious reasons) take place again. Dialoguing and improvising with the current (literal and metaphorical) reality, the process whose first inaugural session took place in fact in 2019, and whose concept has been in fact evolving in search of its form since 2017, has undergone so much transformation that it has already crossed the realm of at least several fields of art, practices and genres. 
The disintegration of the world as we knew it and the process of tuning  to it, dictates the rhythm and shape of the work. 
What is there now, appears only as a fragment - the apex of a drifting iceberg, whose monstrous mass (and history) disappears irrevocably under the surface;
Or, like a mammal thrown to the seashore, it slips into the sand, revealing still less and less, although it seems to be just about to move again any second soon.
What is  revealed to us today, in a moment will lose its form irretrievably, exposed to the inexorable influence of time and forces.
And the final form remains still unknown -  a riddle the solution of which will surely turn out to be as complex and blurred as the leading process itself. 
Fascinated we observe uninterrupted carnival flow of images, sounds, ideas and events, aware that we have already passed the return point of the road.
The road we have not chosen anyway. 
At the same time, we cannot get rid of the impression, that we're running in circles. 
Or, that we’re standing still. 
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