Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Słodownia +2
presentation of the project Video & Dance

A laboratory in which the artists working with two different media (video/film and dance) would explore the secrets of the art forms they practice and experiment with the genre of the increasingly popular ''dance film'', was the leading thought of the cooperation between the Vdance Festival and the Old Brewery. The video dance art (the celebration of which is the Israeli festival held in June), has been developing extraordinarily fast all around the world. However in Poland, as well as in Israel it is still in the begining of its developmental path. Hence, it constitutes an excellent field for continuous experimentation leading to the conversion of the artistic qualities of movement to the medium of film and vice versa. The approximation of the dance and film environments, the exchange of theory and experiences, ongoing discussion concerning contemporary art and the search for means of artistic expression, which could ''inpregnate'' the individual work of each of the laboratory's participants in the future, are the aims of the project. The effects of the collaboration will be presented as work-in-progress (which the participants and the organizers might want to further develop in the future in the form of a film/project), during the Vdance Festival in Tel Aviv (2008), and the Old Brewery New Dance on Malta in Poznań (2008). The artists taking part in the project are: choreographers: Shlomi Bitton/ Noa Shadur/ Anita Wach/ Rafał Dziemidok/ Renata Piotrofska // visual artists: Konrad Smoleński/ Wojciech Bąkowski/ Thalia Hoffmann

The curators of the project: Avi Feldman (Vdance Festival) and Joanna Leśnierowska (Old Brewery New Dance).