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Tmuna Festival 2014

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concept, choreography and performance Anna Nowicka
artistic coaching Peter Pleyer

music Tian Rotteveel

technical realization Łukasz Kędzierski

graphics Filip Gruber Bojovic

visual support Carito Maldonado, Juliane Brösemann
production Art Stations Foundation 

with support of Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrums Tanz Berlin (HZT) 

I would like to thank my parents and everyone, who constantly offer me support and inspiration; Peter, Tian, Ola, Rafał, Zeina, Jule, Magda, the whole Art Stations Foundation team, HZT, Martina Granic and Filip.

Little by little we are replaced... by uninterrupted chain of images, enslaving one another, each image at its place, as each of us, at our place, in the chain of events on which we have lost all power.

Where does the border between truth and fiction lie?
What lives under the layers of illusion?

Anna Nowicka’s solo is an attempt to examine fiction, reality and illusion as a main elements ruling the space we live in. What “reality” exactely is and why is “true” considered as more reliable than „fictional”? to what extent the considered as „our own” identity is a result of the everyday creations?


Anna Nowicka graduated from experimental academy of dance SEAD in Salzburg , Ernst-Busch/HZT in Berlin and Psychology department at Warsaw University. Her artistic research focuses on the relationship between dreambody  and dancing body, with special interest in the choreography of the imagined. As part of her practice, Anna explores different perspectives of looking, and the possibility for using different points of view as a tool to reveal the still-invisible, yet present images. Choreographing is for her a continuous study of the relationship and the tension between the creative process and its result (understood also as a by-product of the research). Her creative way began with a meeting with Anna Godowska and a long-term collaboration with a Slovenian choreographer Mala Kline. Since 2010 her individual choreographic practice is connected with the Art Stations Foundation in Poznan (participation in the Solo Project). Anna has won many awards and scholarships, her performance "Fire is raging in your hair“ won the 100 GRAD festival at HAU in Berlin (2012) , and solo : "the truth is just a plain picture. said bob ." was presented during the Polish Dance Platform 2012. Currently, Anna is studying at The School of Images under the direction of dr. Catherine Shainberg, and divides her life between Berlin and Poland.

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