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Studio Słodownia +3
Simone Aughterlony / CH/GER The Best And The Worst Of Us performance

Simone Aughterlony

Fiona Wright, Phil Hayes, Nic Lloyd, Kate McIntosh, Thomas Wodianka

Fiona Wright 

external eye 
Laura Kalauz

light desing 
Christa Wenger / blendwerk

light technician 
Florian Bach

stage design 
Nadia Fistarol

Marcel Blatti / string quartet Monika Baer, Renate Steinmann, Martin Zeller, Mathias Weibel

Roger Merguin – Verein für allgemeines Wohl

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The best and worst of us looks at ways to approach a collaborative practise. It adopts a spontaneous diplomacy and that hopes to trigger an instinctual yet advantageous group dynamic. Performing a kind of mob rule might give us the possibility of truly “being together”. Systems have been put in place, appropriated and adapted from the behaviours of other species, social games and collective mythologizing.

We look for the moments when we are disciplined, bound together in working towards a common good. There are bad choices too and moments when we lose sight of the pleasure within the tyranny of the majority. We find ourselves becoming a better, cleaner body among the roar of the crowd. We move like a school of fish, like a swarm of bees, covering so much ground together, it’s as if we are indeed that flock of birds.

Even as we move in perfect unison, you might detect a small step slightly out of rhythm, or a gesture that betrays a singular desire. We know about reward because we have grown up with the dance between the common good and the lone impulse. But the lead roles will not make any entrances: there will be no lead roles on this stage. We will be the chorus, speak with one voice, reveal feelings for the group and make a new history.