Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

11.11.2013 - 18.11.2013
Studio Slodownia +3

Residency took place in Studio Słodownia +3 / Art Stations Foundation between 11th and 18th of November 2013.

During their residency artists worked on their newest piece Body. Child. Object.


Iza Szostak

Kuba Słomkowski

Iza Szostak Ciao Dziecko Obiekt Ars Stations Foundation by Grayna Kulczyk

The project theme will explore topics pertaining to the experience of childhood.

Childhood, to me, is a journey into oneself, a journey backwards. It is a time preserved in familial and individual memory. Childhood consists of traces, numerous reminiscences and various interpretations or objects that accompanied me and were of  obvious value to me. The objects of the child-collector often evoke feelings of sadness, fear or joy. They are magical and captured in favourite toys, notebooks and instrumental tool ssaved over the years. The number of such objects comprises a specific collection, a museum almost. 

What happens when we lose the objects of our attachment? How large can the museum of our childhood be? Does it fit into a pocket or can it reach the clouds? Is it a plain anecdote or a memory that has not been worked over?
In the performance I wish to create an opportunity and space to rediscover and interact with the objects that represent childhood experiences. I am interested in working with memory, a physical reconstruction of the signs of the past: a bygone reality in a cultural and social dimension in addition to an individual one.

In the process of working with the body I am interested in making it causative to change, to transformation. Using confrontations with the objects-representations I wish to study the specific extensions of the objects’ materiality on the physicality of the body both in situations of stillness and of being involved in full dynamics.

What does it mean to study colours, shapes or solids through movement?
What representations and memories does the body conceal?