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Lichota / Przybysz / Romaszkan Strange Lóóp performance

concept and music
Patryk Lichota

Magdalena Przybysz, Marta Romaszkan

dr Tomasz Komendziński “Body and mind moved together”

This performance interprets the concept of the “Strange Lóóp” – examining the phenomena of the perception of consciousness through an audio-visual feedback loop. Two dancers are equipped with extended senses: camera – eyes and microphone – ears, their movement on stage triggering feedback of live sound and moving image. The point of reference is a centrally placed speaker, which serves as a primary sound source – creating a relationship axis with the dancers. The parameters of the audio feedback are constantly altered by the dancer’s movement through space. The visual feedback is the culminating point of the performance. The piece first brings about the awareness of the inner workings of the technology itself, then slowly transforms as the 'strange loops' overlap and effect each other. Around the feedback a narrative is created: discovering cognitive mechanisms, identification of space, one’s self and of another. The dance performance is simultaneously a live film – filling space on the stage.

Consciousness is a system of elements self-reconstructive in response to changing environmental stimuli. Machines digest senses. Machine metabolism. The content of our perception is the content of their stomachs. Output signals alter input signals circulating in the loop created by the system organism. Feedback is the machine’s consciousness, the information on its own operation. “Strange Lóóp” is the machine’s cry of identity.

“Strange Lóóp” is the moment of consciousness which identifies its function. The scenic design is an identification map, a model of perception. Movement is the structure of the birth of cognitive processes. Mind becomes embodied.

Patryk Lichota – musician, composer, improviser and sound engineer. Graduated of Cultural Studies Faculty at Adam Mickiewicz University as well as Musicology. He plays the saxophone, theremin, 15 metres string, zither, bass guitar and laptop. He is author of radio plays and composer for the following plays: “Puzzle” (directed by Robert Jarosz) - First Prize at the XIII International Festival of Theatre for Children and Youth “Korczak”; “Aglow” of Palmer Eldritch Theatre - First prize at the Lodz Theatre Meetings in 2009 and “Animo Tristi” (premiered at the IV Festival of Young Independent Theatre at the Theatre of the Eighth Day in 2010); “No Floor” Doomsday Company (premiered at the Central Artistic Pool in 2009); Multimedia-theatre piece “Voices” (as part of “Celebrating 70th Anniversary World War II”), directed by Janusz Stolarski and Tomasz Jarosz.

Creates a soundscape for “Symbolatorium,” The Mysteries Theatre Project from Szczecinrelating to ancient mysteries. Works with a performative duo Agata Elsner / Ewa Janicka on projects: “Suspicious” presented at the festival Experiment 2008; “Flow” performance at Madeinpoznan Festival, Festival International des Arts et Universitaire de la Scène in Arras, and theater-share 2009 in Suwalki; „Imponderabilium” (which premiered at the festival No Woman No Art in 2009, Poznań).

In August 2010, together with Marta Romaszkan, produced a dance performance “Starving Mirrors,” which had its premiere at the festival ADM Bliksem in Amsterdam. Created a dance performance “Strange Lóóp”, based on Douglas Hofstadter's theory of mind and consciousness, released in December 2010 at the Theatre of the Eighth Day.

Patryk Lichota is a member of the Prefabrykaty Theatre and the author of the concept and music for the play “Border Loop” presented at the 18th MALTA International Theatre Festival 2008. He is the founder and leader of the audio-visual collective KakofoNIKT (performances at the Heineken Open'er 2009, Sound Screen Festival in Bydgoszcz, City Events, Futurism Brunonalia Festival 2008).

He plays the saxophone in a punk-jazz band Mnoda and prepared saxophone in a free-improvisation trio Kurort. Together with Piotr Tkacz he co-runs an Afera radio show “Audiosfera” related to contemporary music and sound art. He has played and recorded with Jeff Gburek, Blanka Dembosz, Rafał Zapała, Adam Gołębiewski, Piotr Mełech, Clayton Thomas, Piotr Tkacz, Jakub Paczkowski.

Magdalena Przybysz – dancer / performer / choreographer from Cracow, Poland. She has been gaining the artistic experience in the Experimental Dance Studio (EST) of Iwona Olszowska by participating in projects organized by the group, mainly in the field of improvisation, contact improvisation, butoh, as well as through creating projects based on structured improvisation. In 2004, parallel to the activities at the EST group, Magda began her own independent way, defined by her as “the researcher of the space’ and has been realizing individual projects based on sound, video and movement development, collaborating with other artists from different art disciplines. Last years she is connected with Old Browary / New Dance in Poznań: a student of Alternative Dance Academy, exploring her research for new thinking about body and space with great coachs (Hooman Sharifi, Arkadi Zaides, Peter Pleyer, Simone Aughterlony, Chris Haring, Ria Higler, Joseph Frucek) and resident of Solo Project 2009 programme (‘My Poland Drive’), choreographer of site-specific performance on Malta Festival ‘Summer solstice’.

Marta Romaszkan – M.A. (Philosophy + Social Communication), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, 2009. Marta’s dance research is based on Asian martial arts principles such as Tai Chi which she began learning in China a few years ago. Currently she is also very inspired by Aiki and Noh theater which she studies with Masato Matsuura in Brussels (Ecole SAYU). She has participated in various dance workshops among others Contemporary Dance, Butoh.

She is working with the musician Patryk Lichota on free improvisation with instruments and electronic music. Their Performance “Starving Mirrors” was performed at the ADM Festival in Amsterdam (2010).

Tomasz Komendzinski is Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science and Epistemology at the Institute of Philosophy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Poland). He fosters a long-standing interest in interdisciplinary studies, cognitive science, semiotics, communication, and communicology. His research bears upon embodied mind and cognition, enactivism, and neurophenomenology.