Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
David Zambrano Soul Project

Edivaldo Ernesto, Horacio Macuacua, Nina Fajdiga, Sue Yeon Youn, Matthieu Perpoint, Eleanor Bauer, David Zambrano

lighting design 
Ellen Knops

costume design 
Mat Voorter, in collaboration with Pepa Martinez

“Soul Project” was conceived by David Zambrano in collaboration with a cast of seven remarkable performers from Mozambique, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, the U.S. and Venezuela. Designed to be performed in an open space – a gallery, black box, gymnasium, ballroom, church, large stage, or even outdoors, “Soul Project” is a series of virtuosic solos, each lasting the length of a song; but the order of the solos and their location in the space is a function of chance, making each night’s performance unique. The audience is invited to witness the dance from any angle they choose – to get close to the cast or watch them from a distance. All at once the experience is intimate and personal – you can feel every tremble of the performers’ bodies – and communal, as together with the rest of the audience you anticipate the next dancer and the next song.

David Zambrano has been holding a special position in the dance environment (including, but not limited to circles interested in improvisation) for over twenty years. This inspiring teacher, born improviser and breathtaking performer continuously affects the shape of contemporary dance. The methods he has invented, flying low and passing through, are devices used by improvisers worldwide. He sees his long-term artistic work, featured by a passion for cultural exchange, as a source of inspiration in his teaching activities and, as he himself says, as the secret behind the phenomenon of his continually fresh teaching methods that have brought him never-ending acclaim and popularity. David was improvising at Malta Festival in 2010, in 2011 he was also a teacher within Alternative Dance Academy.