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Studio Słodownia +3
Konrad Szymański SOLO.06 performance

concept and choreography 
Konrada Szymański

performance and choregoraphy 
Aleksandra Borys

Konrad Szymaski 12

The solo is a story of a man who experiences himself and seeks an inner connection, who contemplates in his mind and body, sharing himself with the environment, which is accompanied by a release of natural, human expressions.

To penetrate the dualism of human being as two inseparable elements - the physical body and the soul living in it, and the relations and metaphysical dependencies, which naturally come into being and unite in an individualized manner.

The performer denudes himself and merges what has been distinguished on the basis of his own corporal experience of fullness. He brings together the past and the present, the West and the East. And at the same time, his presence seems merely a glimmer: the stage of initiation death of the West is coming to an end. The act of self-emptying - the death of ego - confusion - insanity - carnality is coming to an end. The time to experience fullness. Then, the stage of acting, of performing will come. Therefore, performer is a given to us: it is the essence of us all.

Konrad Szymański
Currently a fourth-year student of The Rotterdam Dance Academy, major: performer. This is where he has had the opportunity to work with experienced dancers and choreographers and work on projects with students of the choreography department. He started as a dancer of social dance, then he participated in various dance workshops. A year before starting his professional education, he worked in Opera na Zamku in Szczecin. Apart from dance, his passion is photography, especially of theatre and portraits. His main interest in dance is the power of movement improvisation as a way to learn? also about life.