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solo projekt plus 2018

Solo Project was established by Art Stations Foundation in 2006 as first ever residency program in Poland. Its aim was to support Polish dance makers in their first choreographic steps and in search for individual artistic language. Since always the program is dedicated to dance makers whose interests go beyond traditionally understood ‘dance theatre’. It main interest lays in creative process and artistic experiment thus inviting its residents to undertake reflection on and raise a discussion also around the art of choreography itself. Motto of the project are words by acclaimed choreographer Jonathan Burrows: “One needs two legs, two hands and, most of all, a head to create a dance” encouraging young artists to take artistic risks and directing their focus into (self) reflection and constant questioning of their individual creative strategies and stances. There has been 29 artists receiving production, promotional and essential artistic support (coaching) through the program up to date. In 2015 program opened also for applications proposing creation of duo and trio performances. Thus Solo Project Plus has emerged.

Artistic Coach of 2018 edition is Peter Pleyer.

Peter Pleyer 1 Eugene Titov sm
fot. Eugene Titov

“Since the beginning of The Solo Project program, I have witnessed a whole generation of its residents, the exciting young Polish dance makers changing choreographic scene in Poland and situating it into the European and world culture of dance.

The growing international network and the wish for stronger bonds into the national scene are not excluding each other, they rather complement each other in the wish to being seen moving. Articulating ones art in choreography is multilayered, complex and interdisciplinary process, it asks for open spaces to experiment and good guidance in the task of formulating a piece, both offered here, within Solo Project. My coaching is strongly informed by the development of choreography and dance as an independent art form that does not succumb to the overpowering structures of drama-theater and the fine-arts. Instead it can inform and be informed in an open and fair exchange of ideas, working methods and aesthetic appeal. Especially through the techniques developed in the last 30 years that center the body as the main source of the inquiry and the site where the art is happening, anatomical, social and political. A much needed emancipation is therefore on its way, and it will enrich the future of cultural production and the shape of the community we live in.”

Peter Pleyer graduated The European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem. He worked as dancer and choreographic assistant with Yoshiko Chuma (New York) and Mark Tompkins (Paris). He moved to Berlin in 2000 to dance and to run Tanztage Berlin festival. With big interest in the theoretical studies in dance making, he developed “choreographing books” (2005) – a lecture/installation with his view on the development of dance studies in the US and Europe. He became also acclaimed dance pedagogue teaching worldwide. In 2014 he resumed his choreographic work with solo “Ponderosa Trilogy” and group format “Visible Undercurrent”. In 2016, in CSW in Warsaw, the choreographic exchange with dancers from Poland and Berlin “Moving the Mirror” has been created (in co-production with Art Stations Foundation). In 2017 the group work „cranky bodies dance reset“ was premiered in Berlin. Peter developed also long term relationship with Art Stations Foundation many times performing his work and teaching within Alternative Dance Academy. In 2010 he was the mentor for Solo Project artists Anna Nowicka, Aleksandra Borys, Rafał Urbacki.