Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Harakiri Farmers / Kirstine Ilum / Sanja Maier-Hasagić Sisters performance

choreography & dance 
Kirstine Ilum, Dominika Knapik, Sanja Maier-Hasagić

concept & direction 
Wojtek Klimczyk

David Chazam

Saša Fistrić

Kuba Dąbrowski

Monika Kucel

Imagine you wake up in a strange place. Everything you knew no longer exists. There are no conventions, only possibilities. Who is it that you see? Strangers? Companions? Sisters?

In 2011 a powerful earthquake destroyed a big part of Japanese coast leaving behind nothing but rubble and radiation. The news brought a story of the Fukushima samurais who were the only people left on the plant after the explosion. But what if it was only three women who stayed? Who would they be? What would they do? Could they together create a new world on the ashes of the old?

„Sisters” is a dance and video performance that tells a story of destruction and communication, competition and cooperation, loss and hope at the same time.