Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


26 stycznia 2020 | 19:00 PREMIERA

27 stycznia 2020 | 19:00

28 stycznia 2020 | 19:00



Kasia Wolińska

Choreography and dance:

Hana Umeda, Kasia Wolińska


Rafał Dominik


Oleg Dziewanowski, Marc Lohr, Kamil Tuszyński

Vocal coaching:

Jule Flierl


Agata Siniarska


Agata Siniarska, Ewa Wolińska, Kasia Wolińska, nieprasuj

Make-up / wig artist: Julia Dudek

Text: Widad Nabi, Kasia Wolińska

Translation: Karim-Yassin Goessinger

Light direction:

Aleksandr Prowaliński

Engineering consultation and support:

Agnieszka Wolińska, Dariusz Woliński

Production: Filip Pawlak

Production Assistant: Magda Garlińska

This performance has been staged as part of the second round of the choreographic programme titled Poszerzanie pola / Broadening the Field, delivered by Nowy Teatr in Warsaw and Art Stations Foundation in Poznan. Joanna Leśnierowska is the project curator.


Following the fall of the Bloody Monument, a space for futuristic explorations emerged from its petrified body. The Ocalali-ech (Survivors-eh) Group crossed the remains of the old order exploring the Planetary Ruins and slowly recovering the Future. This is an odd sort of space – both familiar and yet completely new, almost implausible. A horizon extends from the tyrant's broken form, the likes of which none of your philosophers ever dreamt of, a real nightmare for our parent-nations. But seeing as they all fell, let them sleep forever. Meanwhile, this is where Ocalali-ech (Survivors-eh) find a space for their games and frolics, for their rituals and customs. Their Future is something they nurture with interest, learning to rediscover that which seemed forever lost. It is here that time and space move in a dance which is sphere shaped, while the Odzyskiwacz-ie (Recoverers) from Salvage discover how to twist to the rhythms of the world which they have sparked back into existence from the ashes of overturned History.

salvage promo foto

Salvage is a multidisciplinary choreographic space, a sort of science-fantasy dance. Salvage comes alive between the Garbage of History and Salvation (China Miéville). Salvage is a container for a future which mixes myriads of dance, history, songs and supernatural phenomena. And all of this – second-hand.
Salvage is a kaleidoscope, a wild wood filled with ghosts and ancestors, a square, an ocean, a shipyard, a stage. It is made up of personal and collective stories, through working in a team which has room for family, friends and strangers. Salvage is an attempt to overcome fear and create the possibility of a collective Future. Salvage is an enthusiastic experiment which aspires to being a little futurological, created with determination and choreographic imagination.