Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Arkadi Zaides Quiet performance

choreography and direction 
Arkadi Zaides

artistic collaborator
Joanna Leśnierowska

Rabie Khoury, Mohammad Mugrabi, Ofir Yudilevitch, Arkadi Zaides

Tom Tlalim, Ran Slavin, Ziv Jacob & Domenico Ferrari


Firas Roby

Art Stations Foundation


Quiet arose from a real sense of emergency; in light of the growing violence and mistrust between communities in Israel, constantly subjected to states of shock, which never allow the space needed for reflection, and thus never allow for change. In such an environment it felt acute to create a platform which allows for an open and honest communication; a place where it is safe to let one’s demons out and set them free; where the irrationality of response is examined and emotions are bravely explored; where a broad perspective is sought and where trust is continuously built.

Palestinians and Israelis, actors and dancers all living within the borders of Israel, the creative process was nourished and inspired by all these differences between the participant’s social realities and artistic backgrounds. The four characters in the piece reveal a landscape, which contains aggression, compassion, confusion and yearning. In the midst of this intensity, lies a constant search for a place, which is able to contain all conflicted layers - a place which is quiet.

…This is not a work dealing with co-existence, in this sense its contents have more pessimism that optimism. But when Palestinians and Israelis, who all live within the borders of one country, stand on the stage and succeed in bringing themselves into the same space, initially aggressively, but along with the confusion and yearning, also the forming of attentiveness - it seems that there is still room for hope.

Meirav Yudilevitch, Ynet, 01.2010

Polish tour possible thanks to support of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israeli Embassy in Warsaw.