Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Polish Dance Platform was born out of the need to present the achievements of the Polish dance community in Poland and abroad. During the project's last edition, which took place in Poznan in October 2008, we presented a program of fourteen shows selected in a vote by the festival's Jury. The works presented stirred interest among international curators and for the local dance community the whole event turned out a perfect occasion to meet and exchange artistic experiences.

Richer in experience after the last edition of Polish Dance Platform and encouraged by its warm reception, we are happy to inform you that the preparations for another edition of the festival, planned to take place in Poznan between 7th - 10th October 2009, have just begun. As last time, the organizers are ZAMEK Culture Center and Art Stations Foundation (residing in Old Brewery). Our wish is to create in Poznan a space for the presentation of the best dance performances produced in Poland within the last two years. But let us remember that Polish Dance Platform is not only a presentation of dance productions – it is also a place for exchanging information and ideas about dance, its present state and its future direction. As Organizers, we would like it to serve as a platform for the meeting of various circles of the Polish dance community - not only artists themselves, but also critics, managers, and the audience. Thus, next to the performances program we will propose a series of structured meetings devoted to the condition of contemporary dance – discussion panels, workshops and meetings with international guests.