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26.06.2010 - 03.07.2010
Słodownia +2
Jakub Wittchen Photo Exhibition

26.06 opening 20:00
27.06-03.07 every day from 12:00

Jakub Wittchen’s exhibition is a walk with a performer through his/her hometown, a coffee break, visit at his/her place, a long planned appointment, a talk, making friends, shake of hands. The set for each photo has been chosen by artist him/herself. It shows artists off the stage, in places they usually like to be, places that describe them more or less… Stage photos, being a kind of visit card of each performer, have been done through last 5 years. In this time Jakub was following dance events mostly in Poznan, but also in other Polish places.

Working on the series I discover again and again how open and nice are dance artists I picture. I would even say that dance people are the most positive group of people I have ever met. The photos are a first showing of a bigger cycle that is under ongoing construction – it’s a kind of a document that, let’s hope, will grow with every year. / Jakub Wittchen

Jakub Wittchen, photographer. Capturing movement is his passion. He makes dance pictures since 5 years and tries to keep up always a fresh eye and is still experimenting in search for his own way of portraying choreography. Jakub lives in Poznan and follows Old Brewery New Dance program almost from the beginning. His photos where shown during Malta festival 2008, Mrągowo Young Dance Forms festival and Kaleidoscope festival 2010 in Białystok where Jakub also gave a workshop on dance photography.