Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

04.07.2011 - 05.07.2011
Stary Browar Park
annas kollektiv pasaż

04-05.07.2011 / 24:00 / Stary Browar Park

Two dancers, two architects, and a video artist have come together to create site-specific dance performance.

VENUE – One of the points of convergence of art and commerce, park and purchase, interior and exterior, located right at the park entrance of the building; the spacious gesture from the park towards the glass-covered four-storey atrium becomes an intermediary and reconciliatory venue within the entire organism of a complex of buildings. Throughout the performance the venue becomes a space that can be re-lived and re-experienced: annas kollekitv will claim this space for themselves.

PERFORMANCE – The viewers stand or sit in the park and direct their gaze towards the building’s atrium. annas kollektiv start intervention into the pre-set space. The figures enter the stairs, walk through the galleries, enter, leave, run in circles, use the elevator, use the building and the park in equal measure, thus combining the outside and the inside, mediating between culture and nature. annas kollektiv in its interaction opens new, previously undiscovered perspectives from which the venue can be regarded through precisely prepared performance elements such as movement, video, light, and music.

Zurich based group annas kollektiv has created site-specific work since 1999. By means of movement, film, lighting and sound the collective has aimed at offering new views on (public) spaces. annas kollektiv are: Martin Bösterli, Anna Bürgi, Boris Hitz, Katrin Oetti and Deborah Suhner.

annas kollektiv performances are always inscribed into special sites, as for instance a disused substation, an industrial urban waste, subterranean parking-lots, high-rise buildings or train stations.