Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Old Brewerry New Dance at Malta Festival 2012

My name is Joanna Leśnierowska
I’m a blue eyed Poznań born girl of unfailing energy
I like – normality, movies, shopping, vanilla ice cream and fresh oranges
I dislike – fresh tomatoes, jogging, vacuity and cowardice
I detest – to be bored and not to know things
I delight – in sleep, in eating and in people with great sense of humour distancing themselves from the world and from the self
I’m fascinated – by the prose of Elfride Jelinek, Milan Kundera and Orhan Pamuk
I’m inspired – by life, by art and the hidden poetry of everyday
I know – how to listen and how to be supportive
I don’t know – how to slow down (but I always keep trying)
I think – 24/7
I rest – in the city squares and in the full sun of the beaches
I fear – that I won’t make it and a fanaticism of all kinds
I worship – human brain and mind that is a muscle, art as communication act and the believe that behind every T-shirt “made in china” and any other single gesture, choice, …performance, there is always a human being living a unique and individual (his)story

My name is Joanna (aka Asia – yes, like an Eng. name of the continent) Leśnierowska
When 11, I fell in love in theatre
When 22, my love went in terminal crisis
When 23, I discovered my real passion and started to publish on dance
When 25, I dared dance myself
In 28th year of my life I was given a unique chance to create in Stary Browar, Poznań, the very first Polish regular dance space focused on new choreography development and thus with every next day I became a curator, programmer, producer, a coach, a lecturer, a (whatever) problem solver and for some Polish young dance makers - a father, a (God)mother, and quite often also - a policeman…
When 35, right exactly when I thought that „never again”, I came out as an independent author

It is already 7th time when I share with You my dear passion by bringing to Malta Festival artists I deeply admire and shows that made for me a difference (and sparing you from dozens of those that challenged my love extensively…). When thinking of myself, I see me always first of all being a member of the audience.

This is my story.
What would be yours then?