Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Justyna Jasłowska November performance

direction, choreography, dance 
Justyna Jasłowska

space concept and lights 
Justyna Jasłowska

artistic consultation 
Wojciech Mochniej, Melissa Monterros

live music, lyrics 
Tomasz Dymek (Dolar)

audio and lights suport 
Maciek Połynko

Mogwai, Jneiro Jarel, Maciek Połynko

Marta Zgierska, Maciej Rukasz (Agencja Blow Up)

Gdański Klub Żak, Międzynarodowy Festiwal Konfrontacje Teatralne and Maat Festival

16th of October 2011 at Klub Żak (Gdańsk) and 19th of October in Lublin

Time as something really relentless, as an imperative destroying the most beautiful moments. It makes us more and more boring, prone to compromise, it deprives the signs of youth. The solo relates to “Mrs Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf

„one must pay back from the secret deposit of exquisite moments”
Virginia Woolf

Justyna Jasłowska is a performer and choreographer. Between 2004 and 2011 she was a dancer at Teatr Maat Projekt. She had also collaborated with Teatr Ciała Limen (2006-2009) and Compagne Le Sablier (2005-2010). She creates her own choreographies: “Spirale” (2008), “Kill Bill vol. 0” (2010), “Sztuka Pływania” (2010) and “November” (2011). She was a grantee of the second edition of Alternative Dance Academy in 2010. She was also a laureate of Rezydencja/Premiera 2011 competition, organized by Gdański Klub Żak, during which her newest creation “November” was developed.

She attended various workshops in Poland and other European countries, where she learned many dance techniques (butoh, contemporary, improvisation and authentic movement). Since 2008 she runs dance-choreography workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors, based on her own performing experience as well as dance and kung-fu techniques. She also conducts physiotherapy classes, mainly for dancers and people with musculoskeletal dysfunctions. She graduated from sociology. At the moment she studies phisiotherapy.

Dolar is a rapper deriving from Lublin. Since 1999 he is deeply involved into Freestyle: the art of spontaneous verbal improvisation. Using his ability of rapid melo-recital he takes part in numerous rapper competitions, during which the rappers prove their high skills on stage. In 2010 he published his debut album “Dwanaście taśm”.