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Rosalind Crisp No-one will tell us… Stary Browar Nowy Taniec na Malcie 2014

dance - Rosalind Crisp (Aust/France)
performance - Andrew Morrish (Aust/France)
electric guitars - Hansueli Tischhauser (Switzerland)
lighting - Marco Wehrspann (Germany)
production - Rosalind Crisp/Omeo Dance (Aust/Fr)

No-one will tell us... thrusts four performing artists into an immediate encounter.
These are long-term collaborators, fully engaged in their individual artistic practices:
dance artist Rosalind Crisp, rock musician Hansueli Tischhauser, performer Andrew
Morrish and lighting designer Marco Wehrspann. What happens when their practices
collide? What is ripped apart? What remains? How can they co-exist?
No-one will tell us... strips it back to what each of them can deliver. It is a call to live
by our wits, wide awake... not waiting for the end.