Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

CK Zamek
Workshop showing New Art Club


New Art Club assume that anyone who wants to dance, can dance. Everyone who whishes so, can also create choreographies and enjoy dance as an art form. They believe that choreography is a simple, accessible artistic discipline, which can be performed by everybdy. Having this in mind, New Art Club creates a safe, full of support work environment. Their aim is to influence the creative and physical development of people as artists. They achieve it via a broad and demistifying approach to the sessions which are based on skills. The full of humor and positive energy classes conducted by Pete and Tom consist of different elements (a lesson of technique, improvisation, partnering, as well as a mini choreographical session). The group working with New Art Club during this year's Malta Festival will have their five minutes in the framework of the festival (post-workshop show) (27.06 g. 15.00).