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Eszter Salamon Magyar Tàncok performance

Conception Eszter Salamon With Endre Liber, Róbert Liber, Róbert Csögör, Zoltán Gémesi, Erzsébet Salamon, Ferenc Salamon, Eszter Salamon Musical concept Ferenc Salamon Assistant Zoltán Gémesi Production Festival "les Intranquilles" Villa Gillet / Lyon / France and Botschaft Thanks to Sarolta Salamon, Soma Salamon, Gáspár Salamon, Tibor Konczos and Christophe Wavelet


Between the inherited and the acquired
Between culture and identity
Between tradition and the present day

In Magyar Tàncok Eszter Salamon tells about the origins of her work as contemporary choreographer. She analyses her own life experiences – the one of attending a ballet school behind the Iron Curtain, that of being a Hungarian girl devoted to her folk traditions, and finally - the experiences of studying in France and her transition to contemporary dance. This unusual conference is illustrated by dance pieces performed not only by Eszter, but also by professional Hungarian dancers led by the artist’s mother, Mrs Erszebet Salamon. They are accompanied by a band of Eszter’s brother - Ferenc Salamon. The show also includes some video projections from the artist’s private archives. We can see how little Eszter learns Hungarian dances under her mother’s watchful eye. And as she later, exactly in these dances finds a basis for her artistic rebellion. Rebellion against totalitarianism and the obsolete customs.

At the end of the show, grown up Eszter, who once could not accept the fact that she was not allowed to dance like men, dances in silence, between the earth and the sky, confirming her emancipation in front of everybody. But her moves now unfold their background – the gestures of her ancestors fixed by the tradition.It is an intimate meeting with an artist and the art of choreography.

Eszter Salamon presents a brilliant and interesting return to the roots.
Nyon, Festival des arts vivants

Magyar Tàncok wa first time presented in Lyon during "Les Intranquilles" festival in May 2005."

Eszter Salamon, based in Berlin Hungarian dancer and choreographe; she was studing classicial ballet in Dance Academy in Budapest. In 1992-200 she danced in France working for Sidonie Rochon, Mathilde Monnier, and Francois Verret among others. In 2001 she did her acknowledged solo What A Body You Have, Honey and Giszell, (in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy). She was artist-resident of PODEWIL in Berlin where she did Reproduction for Körperstimmen N°9 festival (2004). She did also choreography for opera ('Seven attempted escapes from Silence', Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin, 2005). In her work she examines dance in terms of social and politics conditions. She finds situation of performer onstage, trying to express something with his body only, very socio-political.