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Ivo Dimchev lili handel / blood, poetry and music from a white whore's buduar performance

Meet one of the most promising young artists from the Balcans - a total artist, a stage cameleon, a choreographer, a composer and a performer - Ivo Dimchev! He caught the world's attention mainly due to his radical work in the field of physical theatre. His controversial masterpiece - Lili Handel (2005) - has been presented over 100 times, during numerous festivals and brought him the prize for the best actor at an international festival MASK (Szeged, Hungary). Excessively theatrical Lili Handel exposes the body as a multi-expressional reality. He points his attention to the fact that a body is not merely a visually perceptible form. It is also the viscera. Dimchev engages a richness of expression into the uncovering of the magnitude of his "inside" (voice, movement, words, even his own blood), letting us experience the spectacle with all our senses.

Androgynous, demonic performer allows us to meet the body, which got into the sweetest of the habits - simultaneous joy and inability to remain oneself.

Mateeva, "egoist"

As a warm-up before this theatre and dance fiesta, Ivo Dimchev will present Concerto - his latest, improvisational performance in which Ivo's voice and his body are confronted with the situation of a concert. In the performance dimension, the spectacle explores the possibilities of "becoming music". The scenic, physically tangible magic, which cannot be missed during this year's Malta!

Ivo Dimchev a choreographer, a performer and a composer. He started his career with the creation of movement and music to the Sleeping Dog spectacle in 2001 (the National Theatre in Sofia). Since then, he has created many awarded spectacles and performances for himself, as well as in collaboration with other national (amongst others: The National Theatre, Ballet Arabesque, Theatre Laboratory Alma Alter) and international companies (e.g. La dance Co., Budapest), this way becoming one of the most renowned Bulgarian artists. His greatest achievement is Lili Handel (2005), which was already staged over 100 times. In the last three years, despite the intensive presentations of his own body, Dimchev managed to create over 10 new - smaller and bigger - choreographies. Ivo is also the founder of the HUMARTS foundation, which annually holds a national and an international choreographic contest in Sofia. Moreover, he conducts multi-disciplinary workshops based on textual, verbal and movement improvisation, aiming at achieving a high level of concentration and coordination of voices and bodies of actors and dancers.