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02.11.2010 - 07.11.2010
Studio Słodownia +3
Bruno Pocheron Light Workshop

Coaching for professionals

Tuesday 02.11 - Sunday 07.11

In most of the themes we will touch in this workshop, subjectivity plays of course a great role. I would like to privilege dialogue within this workshop and the points mentioned below have to be seen as a common guideline, that we can of course together trespass.

Light as dramaturgical element
We will approach the concept of lighting as a dramaturgical element, affecting the perception of space, time, choreography and the bodies, as opposed to the idea of lighting design, uniformly applied as a layer on a choreographic work.

Affect vs Effect
We will concentrate on how lighting can affect the perception of a work, and try to understand when and how light can actively participate to a dramaturgy, or when and how light can be reduced to mere effects.

Space & Time
We will try to grab together some notions of how light can create spaces, and to explore the relations between space and time at play in the theater space.

Light is acting essentially upon surfaces that reflect it. This fact informs us a lot in making decisions concerning sets, floors, costumes etc.

Communication and methods of work
We will evoke methods of communication between the different makers-at-work in a stage production, as well as the notion of co-operation between the different media at play.

Hardware & Control
We will go through the basics of lighting equipment and communication protocols between the devices. We will dismantle lamps together, set-up lamps together and program some light together. We will have a look at what colour filters and frost filters do to lights. We will have a look at some ways of controlling lights.

P.S. Please bring sturdy shoes and clothes in which you feel good for doing a bit of handiwork.

Bruno Pocheron (born 1968) studied visual arts in France, lives in Berlin and works in many places. He has been working internationally as technical director, light designer, set designer, sound designer or performer, notably with Isabelle Schad, Christine De Smedt, Lilia Mestre, Davis Freeman, Eszter Salamon, Marten Spangberg, Alice Chauchat, Alix Eynaudi, Juan Dominguez, Xavier Le Roy, Anne Juren, Martin Nachbar, An Kaler, Sasa Bozic, and Lito Walkey.

He initiated, with Isabelle Schad and Ben Anderson, the collaborative framework Good Work, concerned with the representation, and perception of the body onstage and in society. Good Work resulted in performances involving artists such as Martin Bélanger, Nuno Bizarro, Frédéric Gies, Hanna Hedman, Olivier Heinry, Benoît Lachambre and Manuel Pelmus.

He's currently involved in projects with Isabelle Schad (Unturtled, Glazba/Musik), Judith Depaule (Corps de Femme Series), Anne Juren (Magical), Jana Unmüssig (Ast Im Auge).

He's co-organizing Wiesen55, a collective working space under construction in Berlin-Wedding, and Gangplank, a collaborative network focusing on inter-media communication, relations between technology and art, and cross-overs between the fields at play in contemporary performance-making.

He develops open-source based interfaces allowing fluid communication between lights, sound and video and researches the dramaturgical impact of these elements.