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Márta Ladjánszki, Zsolt Varga LetMeC OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE AT MALTA FESTIVAL 2019

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Old Brewery New Dance

without words and clothes!

choreographer, concept:
Ladjánszki Márta

composer, music:
Varga Zsolt

Ladjánszki Márta,
Varga Zsolt

supported by:
L1 Association,
Derida Dance Center,
Fabrik Potsdam,
Workshop Fundation,

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What’s the role of stage-nudity? How we feel watching nudity on stage? LetMeC offers new way of sensing nakedness on and off stage by shifting the question: what happens if the audience is naked (as well)? Answer is only available to ones who accept invitation to free themselves from clothes and watch the show naked. The performance developed in sensitive dialogue with both the space and the audience;  nakedness lacking all kind of multiple possibilities of connotation creates a strong communal encounter.

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the show LetMeC!
due to the specialty of the evening and offered experience, we would like to serve you with some useful information:

• With the purchase of the ticket, the spectators decide also to undertake nudity; only equally naked audience members (including working for show stuff) can participate in the event. Thus the intimacy of the experience will be guaranteed

• After checking the tickets, the spectators will enter into the theater space, where they take off their clothes and are lead further;

• The participants are invited to sit on their own towels - PLZ BRING ONE WITH YOU (the design of the event's auditorium will always provide a different seating area, and therefore, the use of a towel will be useful for hygienic reasons)

• After the performance begins, there will be no possibility of late comers entering as well as no possibility of re-entering the space (if you decide to leave before end)

• during the show it is strictly not allowed to make any audio or video/photo documentation of the show and of fellow-participants

• after show, when you dressed again, we are open for conversations !
Stay with us to share your experience with others!

Márta LADJÁNSZKI studied classical ballet, gymnastic and jazz- and modern dance. In 1996 she was the co-founder of KOMPmÁNIA contemporary dance theatre company. In 2001 she joined the L1 Association and has been acting as its artistic vice-director ever since. Her inspiration comes directly from the body itself and transforms the inner thoughts into visible pieces of information. Ladjánszki firmly believes that we are all different (not only physically) and this makes our lives richer. This is why she celebrates the body in every piece she creates.
Zsolt VARGA is a musician, composer, multiinstrumentalist, sound and movement artist from Budapest, Hungary and chairman of L1 Association since 2011.