Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Magdalena Jędra Le Pas Jaques Double Bill

3rd of December 2012, Gdańsk

concept, choreography, dance 
Magda Jędra

Anita Wach, Mariusz Krawczyk


Good Girl Killer

Financially supported by
Pomorskie Voivodship and Gdańsk City Council

carried out in collaboration with
Klub Żak

“Le pas Jaques” is the name for the method used in teaching rhythmics, created by Swiss pedagogue Jaques Dalcroze and these are simply the steps performed to the music. The movement and the rhythm were the very first metaphors of the passing time and at the same time the starting point of my work. The solo was created - from an illusion of time being faster than ever, sadness because of the fact that all human affairs are immersed in entropy, things that seem to be alright only for a short moment of certainty, events which couldn’t be predicted and consequences coming of them. Colourful trash, second-hand news, expressways, marshal’s grin, all that may just be seen in the photograph some day.

Magda Jędra is a dancer, choreographer, performer. From 1999 she is a teacher of contemporary dance technic and improvisation. She lives and works in Gdansk, Poland. In 2005 together with Anna Steller she founded Good Girl Killer group. She is a recipient of the scholarships of The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (within the field „Music and Dance”),of the Gdansk City Council and of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship.
Own realizations: 2002 Teletransis, 2003 The symbolic constraction, 2004 The theory of noise, 2005 Good Girl Killer, 2006 Junkie, 2008 Action, 2009 Parallel, 2010 Confetti, 2010 Le sni, 2010 Have a Nice Hell, 2011 Le pas Jaques.

Other projects: 2001 Dreams of a fleecy river, 2004 Odys-Seas, Cafe Domino, 2006 Zum Beispiel, 2006 Yes Prince, No Prince, 2007 Nawrotnik, 2006-2007 International choreographers‘ exchange „Co-operation“ Gdansk-Geneva-Paris, 2008 Barricade of Love, 2009 "Osez!“Festiwal d'ete de Quebec, Canada, 2010 Nut.Squirrel, 2011 The show must go on, 2012 New (dis)order.

Cooperation: Gdansk Dance Theatre, Joe Alter Dance Group, Rafal Dziemidok, Daria Jedra, Edyta Kozak, Leszek Bzdyl, Paula Ross, Alexander Pepelyaew, Anita Wach, Anna Steller, Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Artistic Group Koncentrat, W.Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia, Centre for Contemporary Art LAZNIA in Gdansk, Wytwornia Theatre in Warsaw, Dada von Bzdulov Theatre, The Academy of Movement Theatre.