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Rita Vilhena / Paweł Konior Intimate Boredom performance

Performance for adults only. Contains nudity.

Intimate Boredom is moving picture. The collaborative work between Pawel Konior and Rita Vilhena, takes boredom to an intimate monotonous feeling between two lovers. The lovers are in constant physical dialogue full of suspension and vicious tension. It has a very specific character; the movement quality and intention is the base and define Boredom as a theme for the narrative. The piece is an attempt to stage the abysses of our existence; where the profound dullness is drifting to a travel of failures in human condition. The dramaturgic environment is frustrated with a couple trapped in time. They have no ambition and no desire; a couple with no voice to the world, political bodies with no intention to change their condition, still, a drama with a strong sense for sarcasm. Intimated Boredom was performed in Rotterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona in 2010.

In 2009 I develop a work with the concept of God. My interest in this concept was the association with 'creation'. The result was ‘Dio Mio’, a collaborative work with other performer artists, Abraham Hurtado and Vania Rovisco among others. In the work I accentuated the idea of ‘forced creation’ versus ‘natural creation’. What does one do when he believes he is God, all mighty of creation? What does he attempt to shape his environment?

In 2010 I’ve made ‘Onomatopoeia’ and ‘Who taught us not to remember the future’, two works about Memory/Amnesia. In this process I started my new choreographic signature. At first I explore the patters of memory related with space and time. Later I added the somatic, proprioception. With these two pieces I could develop a very specific movement vocabulary. The lack of memory is translated in short development of one idea, one intention. The individual loses the relation with the past and moves always from a moment zero. The moment zero is a moment with no past.

Later in the same year I moved my interest from memory to boredom. If the moment zero is the moment with no past, is boredom the moment with no future? Boredom in principle was for me a contra motive to make a dance piece, meaning, boredom is in concept anti-movement, is static. Making a work about boredom was a challenged for me.

Rita Vilhena was born in Lisbon in 1979. Have a graduation in Dance at Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon and a graduation in Dance at Rotterdam Dance Academy.In Portugal she was a stagier at Companhia de Dança de Lisboa. Shortly after her studies in 2003 she works as a dancer with a few Dutch companies and choreographers ( TRASH, Meekers, Regina Magnus, Beeldend DansTheater Telder). In 2005 she initiates Baila Louca. She uses this platform to develop her improvisation work as well she offers exchange with other artist mostly dancers and musicians. BL gives the occasion to work on intention for movement. Workshops and performances are the core of this project subsidized by VSB, SNSREAAL and DKC. Since 2009 she establishes her work as a choreographer. When invited she creates work for festivals or participates has a dancer/performer with other choreographers. Occasionally she creates movement for Theater and Film.

Pawel Konior (1982) is a performer, dancer and teacher. Graduated from Academy of Physical Education in 2008 in Krakow. After his graduation he deepen his dance knowledge at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. He has been working in the fields of performing arts as a dancer and performer with Rita Vilhena, Pedro Goucha, Einat Tuchman, More Shani, T.r.a.s.h Company. Pawel is also a contact improvisation teacher, his experience is based on organic way of moving, intertwine with bodywork, and body awareness. Among others he has studied C.I. with Iwona Olszowszka, Ray Chung, Andrew Harwood, Nancy Stark Smith, Tal Avni.