Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Anna Nowicka Incomplete tales of several journeys double bill

concept and choreography 
Anna Nowicka

creation and performance 
Jule Flierl, Hermann Heisig, Thomas Proksch, Claire Vivianne Sobottk

Lars Bjerre

Maria Gamsjaeger

light design 
Sandra Blatterer

mentor/dramaturgical support 
dr Christiane Berger

HZT, Berlin

19 November 2012

Andrea Keiz 

big thanks to 
Kamila Pietrowska, Tomek and Magda, Justin F. Kennedy and Sasa Kovacevic, Peter Pleyer and Vladimir Gurewich... and all that were there with us!

The main interest of this piece lies in exploring the constantly transformating world of images produced by the subconscious. The work is oriented towards bringing forth the dancers’ subconscious imagery and attempting to structure it in physical space with bodily movement. The work is not a linear process, rather it is an attempt to embrace each performers’ subconscious reality, hightening both dancers and choreographer’s sensitivity in recognizing where these realities take us. Performers' dreams become prompts for an exploration of instinctual desires and an exploration in the ability to respond to these desires. On the basis of individual dreams, personal themes are explored. A network of relationships and states are built through movement and a specific quality/mood? is created. Scenes and images interconnect into constantly changing situations. The choreographic structure becomes a game of perspective shifts, context changes and a collapsing of meanings. Perpetuating our relationship to dreams, the audience is challenged to give up logical thinking, recognize what is yet unknown and question what it is that grounds and un-roots us