Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
wp Zimmer / Charlotte Vanden Eynde I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story performance

choreography, dance 
Charlotte Vanden Eynde

Brigitte Fontaine “Ou Vas-Tu Petit Garçon”, Lhasa “De Cara a la Pared\Face to the Wall” remixed by David De Beukelaer

artistic collaboration 
Nada Gambier

Ann-Sophie Hoste / Elke Verachtert

wp Zimmer

Kaaitheater & Vooruit / in collaboration with BUDA & STUK


Charlotte Vanden Eynde studied dance at P.A.R.T.S. and has been creating dance pieces, performances and video-installations since 1997. She has also collaborated with theater director Jan Decorte and performed in the movie Meisje by Dorothée van den Berghe. For the first time in four years she now returns to the stage with a new dance performance.

In her previous performances Charlotte Vanden Eynde often worked visual and stilled with objects and video, flirting with fine arts. In I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Storyshe wants to express her associative language of images with pure movement and dance. She is looking for the “image” and poetry in movement. Charlotte Vanden Eynde performs on the balance between theatricality and abstraction. She experiments with meaning and emotion, but keeps the viewer guessing after what he is supposed to see.

I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story asks a personal interpretation of its audience. Whoever expects to be able to discover a story will be disappointed. But whoever refuses to see a story will be in trouble. I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story is exactly that, a story that is not a story, yet is a story… for those who want it to be.