Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Art Stations Foundation Prezentuje Happy spektakl

Nigel Charnock 

choreographer's assistant
Janusz Orlik

light design
Ewa Garniec 

Barbara Bujakowska, Natalia Draganik, Bartosz Figurski, Maciej Kuźmiński, Janusz Orlik, Renata Piotrowska, Anna Steller, Aleksandra Ścibor, Karol Tymiński

Joanna Lesnierowska / Art Stations Foundation

Adam Mickiewicz Institute / Happy Project - A part ofPOLSKA! YEAR 2009-2010

The idea of “Happy” - a dance spectacle choreographed by Nigel Charnock (with participation of 9 Polish dancers) was born during an intensive improvisational project for young Polish choreographers, which took place in Poznan's Old Brewery in March 2008.

“Happy” has been situated in the context of a Polish village – not any realistic one but rather as imagined by the spectacle's choreographer. From this perspective, the place acquires a more general sense – it's taken somewhere between traditional folklore and a “modern vision”, becoming a perfect background for the presentation vivid scenes of and stereotypical behaviors seen with an outsider's eye. It becomes a kind of symbol which could stand for any place in the world, not necessarily in Poland. The spectacle draws inspiration form surrounding reality and contrasts between “now” and “then”. Balancing on this bipolar dichotomy, the Polish dancers add a blend of their original styles to Charnock's choreographic visions. The stage pulsates with energy, instigated by the choreographer – generated by the dancers. Through their expression of “Polishness” in dance, they can become the best example of what “being Polish” means to all of us today. Pieces of Polish (but not only) folk music (traditional and modern) perfectly attuned to the action on stage, infuse the show with incredible energy and color. Nine young dancers create vivid images, which reveal clear marks of Nigel Charnock's style recognizable in all parts of the world – a characteristic blend that combines hyperdynamic, at times even violent, movement with a sense of lyricism and metaphysical depth… and humor too – but only on the surface level.

“I recommend this spectacle to those who like strong means of expressions in theater (…). I recommend it to those who would like to see a dancers group – not an undefined mass of people but a group in which every artist is an individual autonomously defining his or her role and building its distinct character (also by means of movement). Finally, I recommend it to all those who wish to see actors balancing on the border of natural shame, of their own intimacy, good taste, physical and psychological safety – but without ever crossing any of these borders totally.”

Anna Koczorowska /