Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Teatr Studio, Duża Scena, Warszawa

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Rafal Dziemidok, Florian Bilbao

concept Florian Bilbao

Rafal Dziemidok, Florian Bilbao

scenography Frank Fierke

music Moritz Gagern

costumes Sebastian Ellrich

light Klaus Dust

directors assistant
Michaela Millar

Alicja Morawska-Rubczak

Barbara Gstaltmayr

production coordinator
Doreen Markert

project coordinator
Vera Strobel

30 minut (plus extra time for playing)

Co-production of o.N. Theater o.N. (Germany) andArt Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk (Poland)

With support of: Capital Cultural Fund,
Fundacja Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej and
Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

Theater o.N. fliegen und fallen Foto by David Beecroft

flying & falling will be a non language based dance performance in poetic pictures with two dancers, one actress and air-objects about the experience of falling, the moment of letting go and the wish to fly for everybody aged 2 and up.
The choreographer Florian Bilbao and his team will explore mankind’s old dream to fly known even by every little child. Through the everyday experience of falling the little child learns about its boundaries, feels its body, its skin and the adrenalin caused by the excitement and surprise of action. Bilbao will base his choreography on a body research about different ways of flying and falling and everything between.
Flying and falling seem to be opposite powers but in every act of falling there is a
moment of flying as well!
flying & falling will be the next performance developed by Theater o.N. for the very young after its last successful shows „small story | eine kleine geschichte” (Andy Manley, Ania Michaelis), „laundry on the line | Weiße Wäsche” (Taki Papaconstantinou, Minouche Petrusch) „pling, little thing* | kling kleines ding” (Bernd Sikora, Andreas Pichler) and „cocoon | kokon” (Ania Michaelis, Minouche Petrusch).

Theater o.N. fliegen und fallen Foto by David Beecroft QF5

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