Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
wp Zimmer / Varinia Canto Vila during beginning ending performance

concept and dance 
Varinia Canto Vila

Christophe Albertijn, Biosphere

light design 
Brian Broeders

dramaturgic assistance 
Marnix Rummens

wp Zimmer Antwerpen

Studio deSingel Antwerpen

supported by 
Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Bains Connective, KC Buda Kortrijk, Workspace Brussels


The actions and movements in this performance could be compared to construction-sites. Construction-sites attract the attention because they show us buildings which are mid-way: they will be completed or will cease to be. This state of being “mid-way” is perhaps the best moment to see the intentions, projects and desires of mankind....

A physical landscape of thought processes defines the realm in which the dancer works. This space of intention and desire gives visibility to the relation between the dancer and the moving body. It reveals how self-observation is being a part of the observed system. Unfinished movements and actions get absorbed into meaninglessness and make what remains absent more present.

Varinia Canto Vila’s piece experiences the performer as a luminal subjectivity that is only able to observe its performativity in a constant process of resistance and unsettled becoming, thus questioning the ability of possessing of the own corporeal material.

Angelina Georgieva - participant of Critical Endeavour 2009

For her solo Varinia was granted a distinction at Prix Jardins d’Europe festival 2009.