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Studio Słodownia +3
Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw Duety Nieistniejące Double Bill

produced by 
Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre / Body Mind Festival, Warsaw / Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdańsk

Mikołaj Trzaska & Dada von Bzdülöw

performed by 
Katarzyna Chmielewska & Leszek Bzd

Mikołaj Trzaska

Katarzyna Piątek

Maciej Salamon

text on the slides 
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

lighting design 
Michał Kołodziej

5-6.10.2011 - Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdańsk (23.09.2011 - Studio Theatre, Warsaw - Body/Mind Festival)

concept: “Invisible Duets” is a kind of, nascent of boredom, “flânerie”. Drifts, walks, stories - always starting anew, and always retelling one another; present and disappearing; seen and rejected.

superstructure: „One might therefore believe that everything that disappears, even after disappearance leads a secret life after death, putting on all that is left, a latent effect. For all that disappears, permeates our lives in minimal doses, often much more dangerous for us than the prevailing powers ... „
Jean Baudrillard, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

story: “Invisible Duets” - 42nd premiere of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre - yet, it's only the second 'duet' of its founders and artistic leaders. After nine years since the release of the legendary “Magnolia” (2002), the time has come for Chmielewska-Bzdyl 'duo' to write the next chapter ... a replica...? a recycling ...? to extract the latent ...? to close or open anew ...? “Invisible Duets”, just like the latest productions of Dada, want to be a 'half-closed' performance, ready for some evolution within each subsequent presentation.

irony: we live in the country since the collapse of the national orchestra we play for hens and geese and frogs in the pond. (Grzegorz Kwiatkowski)

Leszek Bzdyl (1964) dancer, actor, choreographer, director - founder and artistic director of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre Professional stage career since 1987 (Henryk Tomaszewski’s Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre 1987-1990; Wojciech Misiuro’s Expression Theatre 1990-1992). Graduated from the Department of Philosophy and History, the University of Wrocław, in 1990. In 1993, he founded Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, where he works as a director, choreographer, dancer, and performs in most of its productions; as yet, has performed at numerous festivals in Poland and Europe, as well as India, USA, Israel, and Palestine. For artistic achievements awarded by the Mayor of Gdańsk (1998), the Mayor of Gdynia (1999), the Minister of National Education (1999), the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship (2006), Theatre Pasta International Theatre Awards - India (2007). In 2010 awarded a medal “Meritorious for Polish Culture” by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Frequently supported with art grants by Gdańsk City Council and the Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.

As a choreographer and stage movement director, he has co-operated with many theatres in Poland. The drama performances he has recently directed are: Cyrano de Bergerac, in Modrzejewska’s Theatre in Legnica, and Green Zoo, in OCH Theatre in Warsaw. As a choreographer, he has yet participated in nearly 50 productions, such as: Short Stories for Children (dir. by P. Cieplak, The National Theatre, Warsaw), Albośmy to jacy tacy (dir. by P. Cieplak, Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw), Tango and the Cosmos (dir by J. Jarocki, The National Theatre, Warsaw), The Power (dir. by J. Englert, The National Theatre, Warsaw), Acropolis Reconstructions (dir. by Michael Marmarinos, Contemporary Theatre, Wrocław), Delhi Dance (dir. by I. Wyrypajew, The National Theatre, Warsaw). Lead roles in Polish Drama Theatres: Charlie (Charlie A Boxer, Piotr Cieplak), Caliban (The Tempest, William Sheakspeare), David (Unidentified Human Remains, Brad Fraser), Clarin (Life Is a Dream, Calderon de la Barca). He has participated in many international productions, e.g.: The Rape of Europe – Landscape X (Intercult, Stockholm), In the body, and Papugaj (Baltic Dance University, Gdańsk), Drop Dead Gorgeous (co-production with Vincent Dance Theatre, UK), Several Witty Observations – Trans Danse Europe (Avignon, Brussels, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik), Out of Bounds and Factor T (Dance Advance, Philadelphia, USA), Co-Operation (CDN – Paris, Festival La Batie – Geneva, The Baltic State Opera House - Gdańsk), ODYS-SEAS – a project held on the premises of Gdańsk Shipyard.

Between 1997-2000, in Gombrowicz’s City Theatre in Gdynia, he patronized a cycle of artistic events titled “A Day of Beautiful Society”. Between 2002-2007, he coordinated the artistic programme of Gdańsk Dance Corporation Festival.

Since 1990 he has given theatre workshops and dance classes in Poland: The State Ballet School in Gdansk, School of Acting and Singing at the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, The Theatre Academy in Warsaw, and abroad: The Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe.

Katarzyna Chmielewska (1974) dancer, choreographer, dance teacher - founder of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre - since 2008. Managing Director of Dada von Bzdülöw Artists Association She graduated the State Ballet School in Gdańsk (1984-1993), studied at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels (1996-1997), and as yet has cooperated with the following Polish institutions: the Ballet Group of the Baltic State Opera House in Gdańsk (1993-1994), Gdańsk Dance Theatre (1994-1995), Gombrowicz’s City Theatre in Gdynia (1997-2000), Klub Żak in Gdańsk (2000-2008), Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk (2008-present).

In 1993 together with Leszek Bzdyl she founded Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, where she teaches contemporary dance technique and improvisation, makes her own choreographies: /Si/ (2000), Dialogus in conventione (2001), so beautiful (2002), Bonsai (2005), Juicy Flesh (2005), and cocreates and performs in most performances: Magnolia (2003), Several Witty Observations (2004), Eden (2006), Factor T (2008), Red Grass (2009), Caffè Latte (2009), Le Sacre (2010). She has co-created performances with other choreographers, such as: Melisa Monteros (Collisions, 1995, Walk-Aways, 1996), Avi Kaiser (In the Body, 1999), Tatiana Baganowa (Papugaj, 2000), Roberto Olivan (Natural Strange Days, 2001), and Chiharu Mamiya-Jędrzejewska (Complexion, 2007).

She has made choreography and stage movement for Polish Drama Theatres: Gombrowicz's City Theatre in Gdynia: Don’t interrupt the fun (1997), Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk: The Vagina Monologues (2002), The Seagull (2002), Tales of Common Insanity (2003), Orchestra Titanic(2007), Walworth Farce (2008), Zawicza Czarny (2010), To be like Kazimierz Deyna (2010), Studio Theatre in Warsaw: The Seagull (2002), Duchess Amalfi (2010), Powszechny Theatre in Kraków: Sindbad (2004), Stefan Jaracz’s Theatre in Olsztyn: A Respectable Wedding (2009), Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych: The Revenge (2009).

She has participated in many Polish and international productions, such as: Landscape X project - she performed in The Rape of Europe by Piotr Cieplak (Stockholm 1998) / X-group – a project for young contemporary dance artists, where she created a trio Enter, and with Magdalena Reiter cocreated a duet All these apropos (P.A.R.T.S, Brussels 2000) / B-Visible – she led an improvisation workshop (Gent 2002) / Improvisation – she participated in a series of improvisation workshops with Thomas Houert (Prague 2003) / Trans Danse Europe – a European project, in the framework of which she cocreated a performance Several Witty Observations (Avignon, Brussels, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik 2004-2006) / ODYS-SEAS – she performed in a project held on the premises of Gdańsk Shipyard (Gdańsk 2004) / Angels of Stealth - she choreographed and performed in a multimedia performance by Rodney Place (Warsaw-Paris 2005-2006) / Co-Operation – she participated in an international exchange lab for choreographers (Gdańsk-Geneva-Paris 2006) / Real time composition - she participated in a coaching project with Michael Schumaher (Old Brewery, Poznań 2007) / Turning Point – she co-created a duet with Bożena Eltermann (Gdańsk 2008) / Factor T – she took part in a performance co-produced by OldBrewery Poznań and Dance Advance Philadelphia, and presented in Poznań and at Live Arts Festival in Philadelphia (2007-2008) / Incubator – she led a series of workshops, where with a group of Tri-City b’boys and young dance students of Klub Żak Alternative Dance School in Gdańsk, she created a performance A Substitute World (Klub Żak, Gdańsk 2008) / Barricade of Love – a happening/performance of Dada von Bzdülöw and a music band Pink Freud (The Art Coast Festival, Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdańsk 2008) / Traffic Project - she led an open dance workshop (The Art Coast Festival, Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdańsk 2008) / Before Noon Before Dusk – a performance by Piotr Cieplak, where she performed and co-created the choreography (The New Theatre, Łódź 2009) / Macbeth – she performed in a multimedia performance produced by The International Shakespeare Festival (Gdansk 2010).

As yet, with Dada Theatre, she has performed in Poland, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Island, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Palestine, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

Mikołaj Trzaska (1966) saxophonist, bass clarinetist and composer, who grew out of yass – a socio-artistic movement that in 1980s and 1990s opposed the rigidity of Polish jazz environment. Trzaska was a co-founder of the most important yass group – a legendary – Miłość, and an equally creative - Łoskot. After the yass period, he recorded a few concentrated and quiet albums with the section of Oleś brothers. He has also accompanied poets – Świetlicki, and Andrukhovych, and created musical-literary projects with Andrzej Stasiuk. Today, he is the leader of the international trio - Volumen, and a member of Resonance by Ken Vandermark, Magic by Joe McPhee, and a trio – Shofar, with Raphael Rogiński and Macio Moretti – playing Jewish music. Above all, however, he finds fulfillment in the radical contemporary free jazz. He travels around the world, cooperating with the world-famous improvising musicians, such as: Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermak, Severn Swell, Peter Friis Nielsen, Clementine Gasser, Pete Ole Jorgensen, Michael Zerang, Franz Houtzinger, Jay Rosen, Domik Duval, Mark Sanders.As yet, he has recorded around thirty albums.