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Studio Słodownia +3
Alex Baczyński-Jenkins Displaced and perforated

choreography and dance 
Alex Baczyński-Jenkins 

in dialogue with 
Carlos Manuel Oliveira

Karolina Gębska

Komuna Warszawa, in the context of the RE//MIX cycle

Institute of Music and Dance

“Displaced and perforated” probes the connective tissues of some of the body’s affective, physical, and social properties. Their proximities and distances are excavated through the unfolding of kinetic activity within a body that is already many. The performance space is an investigation chamber, taking the momentum of fluctuation as its locus. A single corporeal matter becomes a host for intensities that enable body matter to transform itself, to be both human and non-human, animal and machine.

The starting point were the writings of Oskar Schlemmer and his score for The Triadic Ballet. These encompass his futurity project; studies on how to stage the human of the future. What seems to be an overarching and most prevalent idea is the exhortation of the power of bodies to transform themselves.

Connecting bodies from the past with bodies of the future, different ghostly corporealities are fused together, from archi-fossil worlds to minds without objects. This capacity for transformation, fuelled by empathy and affect, creates a site where the physical meets the social, a point of convergence whereby social dances and rituals take place. Here, the body is a vessel of changes.

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins graduated from the pilot project BA Contemporary dance, choreography, context at the Universität der Künste Berlin. In June 2009 he realised the four day durational performance in Mexicali, “Mexico Having not seen OR Mr. Gorbachev”. In 2010 he was awarded the NRW Kultursekretariat research scholarship and presented the solo piece “Take me there”. In March 2011, he initiated and co-organised the four day Berlin independent performance assembly “For the time being”. In November 2011 he developed the choreographic-installation “GET OUT” within the context of Boris Charmatz’ expo zero, at Performa 11, New York. In March 2011 him and Ligia Manuela Lewis began an ongoing collaboration on “Things not to be forgotten”, initiated during the artistic laboratory of the MOMENTS exhibition at the ZKM, Karlsruhe. As a performer he has worked with Rosalind Crisp, Marlene Freitas, An Kaler, Isabelle Schad and since 2009 he has been engaged with Meg Stuart /Damaged Goods (Do Animals Cry, ATELIER, VIOLET).

RE// MIX 2012 (Current curator: Magda Grudzińska, Idea for the cycle: Tomasz Plata) The remix is a concept borrowed from music: it stands for a piece created as a result of transformation of another piece. It is not simply an “interpretation”, which reproduces the original through other means or in another arrangement. Although it may retain from the original some fragments (samples), they are merely quotations. A remix is a new piece, referencing in its content or form the original. The authors of the remixes enter into dialogue with their masters, present nostalgic recollections or new readings of their work.

The RE// MIX cycle, started in 2010, consists of new productions that refer to classic works, primarily of theatre and dance, but also literature and film. The prototypes, some of them somewhat forgotten, once changed the thinking of people who today practice “strange” theatre – interdisciplinary, experimental, situated on the frontiers of visual theatre, performance art, visual arts and social activity. They create a unique cultural canon, define taste and style, constitute an auto-definition of their own sources and inspirations – they are points of reference.

Project co-financed by the Warsaw City Hall and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in co-operation with the Institute of Music and Dance.