Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

25.07.2019 - 27.07.2019



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Old Brewery New Dance

concept and choreography:
Kasia Wolińska

Ashiq Khondker

artistic mentor:
Guy Cools

remix by Kasia Wolińska of:
Kanye West Mercy ( RL Grime & Salva Remix)
Aisha Devi Throat Dub
Tori Amos Me and a Gun ( Aisha Devi Remix)
Sun Sound (NASA recording)

promo graphic:
Ashiq Khondker


Art Stations Foundation
by Grażyna Kulczyk
in the frame of Solo Project Plus 2017

thanks to:
my family,
Kat Rickard,
Dorian Batycka,
The Breakfast Club,
Agata Siniarska

Dance pilgrim dance SM

Lenin himself applauded Duncan when she performed in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the October Revolution. After she returned to the USA, the Soviets sent her a telegram: ‘‘The Russian government can alone understand you. Come to us; we will make you a school.”

Isadora Duncan  revolutionized the form of dance at the beginning of the 20th century and then went to Moscow to use her dancing body to campaign for the revolutionary ideas. “The Revolutionary” was the choreography made around 1923 that must have ruined Duncan’s reputation back at home. The piece  investigates the underexplored histories of modern dance and choreography particularly as they relate to reclaiming spectrum of the socialist and the communist legacy.

Kasia Wolińska, born in Gdańsk. Graduate of the Dance Department at Music Academy, Łódź, Cultural Anthropology Department at University of Łódź and Dance, Context, Choreography Program at HZT Berlin. Dancewebber 2015. Since January 2013 she's been developing her practice Hi Mary that was presented in Berlin, Gdańsk, Łódź,Norberg, New York, Warsaw, Kalisz, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. She's been a Centro Selva resident in 2014 and transeuropa Festival in 2015. in 2016 she was a part of the Global Practice Sharing Program ( Movement Research/ Art Stations Foundation) in New York.

She worked with Rosalind Crisp, Vincent Bozek, Julia Plawgo, Agata Siniarska, Lea Martini, Martin Hansen, Ivo Serra, Eva Tanko, Diego Agullo, Tatiana Kamieniecka, Ula Zerek, Pere Faura, Karol Tyminski, Marta Ziółek, Gosia Wdowik and others.