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Eszter Salamon Dance for Nothing performance

concept and dance 
Eszter Salamon

music by 
John Cage

Alexandra Wellensiek, Agnès Henry/extrapole

DANCE 2010, 12.Internationales Festival des zeitgenössischen Tanzes (Munich), Festival Next (Valenciennes), Faro Festival des arts vivants (Nyon), TanzWerkstatt Berlin/Tanz im August

supported by the
National Performance Network with funding provided by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Botschaft (Berlin)

in cooperation with 

thanks to 
Shaina Anand & Ashok Sukumaran/CAMP, Bojana Cvéjic, Paf-St. Erme, Jan Ritsema

The starting point in “Dance for Nothing” is John Cage’s “Lecture on Nothing” (1959) which is not only a recording of a lecture, but also an experimental text contained within a rhythmical structure. Eszter Salamon expresses it with words (voices the lecture) and with dance. She distances herself to quickly fall into a trance in which she draws in the audience. She alters between being present and absent to the viewers as she addresses them or forgets about them. She is either relaxed or extremely focused. The audience follows her as they follow the text of the American composer.

Eszter Salamon is a Hungarian dancer and choreographer who studied classical ballet at the State Academy of Dance in Budapest. Between 1992 and 2000 she worked in France with artists like Sidonie Rochon, Mathilde Monnier and Francois Verret. In 2001 she created her first solo project, “What A Body You Have, Honey” and “Giszell” in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy. A year later she created “Répétition d’Un Travail En Cours” and “Woman Inc.©”. She has taken part in the Podewil residency programme, Berlin, where in 2004 she presented “Reproduction” at the Körperstimmen N°9 Festival. She has been the holder of the Villa Medici Hors les Murs scholarship. She has also worked for the opera in the staging of “Seven attempted escapes from Silence” at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin (2005). At Malta Festival 2007 Eszter Salamon presented “Magyar Tàncok”, year later she brought to Poznań “Dance #1”, a piece done in collaboration with Christine de Smedt.

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