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Studio Słodownia +3
Keith Hennessy Crotch

performance & installation by Keith Hennessy
music Emmy Lou Harris, Craig Armstrong, Teddy Thompson, Down River, Nirvana
Crotch was developed at Ponderosa (Stolzenhagen Germany) in 2007 and was commissioned/presented at L’Arsenic (Lausanne Switz) in 2008. Part of Critical Dialogue for artist & audience.


07.07.2011 / 21:00 / Studio Słodownia +3

From the references to artist Joseph Beuys, Crotch seems to be about art, its histories and heroes. But Hennessy quickly draws us deeper, past Beuys and into his own inner empire. We witness the sovereign figure of Keith Hennessy in a chaos of elements: songs and dance, a lecture, conversations with the dead. From this a form arises that questions what we know of philosophy, art and ourselves.

Based in San Francisco, the internationally acclaimed artist Keith Hennessy is described as a performer, choreographer, teacher, activist, preacher, sex-positive mentor, and master of ceremonies. His searing, radical and award-winning interdisciplinary performances draw on dance, performance art, circus, improvisation, activism and shamanism.

“Hennessy’s stage presence burns; he ignites any subject he tackles… it is through a genius like Hennessy that we can confront the state of the human contradiction.”

San Francisco Weekly

Crotch was granted NYC Bessie Award as one of the most interesting shows of 2010.